Traunstein / Fridolfing: Green members of the Bundestag visited hospitals

Left to right Regina Reiter, Elisabeth Sinzinger, Dr. Michael Huller; behind Barbara Danninger, Britta Boye, MdB Saskia Weishaupt, Hans Kern, Egon Kraus, Nicole Kraus, Miriam Alles, Johanna Hummelberger.

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At the regional clinics in Traunstein and Fridolfing, green member of the Bundestag, Saskia Weishaupt, uncovered issues and concerns at the grassroots level of health policy. The parliamentarian is a member of the Greens in the Traunstein district and chairman of her parliamentary group in the health commission of the Bundestag.

The message in full:

Traunstein / Fridolfing – Weishaupt brought with him to Berlin the central message of his interlocutors in the two hospitals that the laws that are passed there in the Bundestag do not always work in practice and therefore best adapted to reality it should be. The stated guiding principle, agreed by the Greens and the clinic employees, must be the patient’s well-being. “People and their recovery need to be the center of attention again,” Weishaupt emphasized. Together with the Green District Councilors Dr. Michael Huller and Hans Kern, both on the supervisory board of clinics in southeastern Bavaria, and Regina Reiter, spokesperson for the Green District Association, Saskia Weishaupt learned more from the district clinic management of Traunstein, Dr. Uwe Gretscher, Elisabeth Ulmer and Dr. Stefan Paech.

Dr Gretscher presented the current situation of the crown for the first time. The pandemic crisis team still meets daily and the failure rate among employees is 2.5 times higher than normal. It is also important for the structure of the clinics that in the two years of the pandemic patient paths have changed and it remains open if patients return. Dr Huller turned to the underfunded children’s clinic. The flat rates per case are the same as for adults, but the effort required to care for the young patients is much higher. The survival of pediatrics is ensured by the co-financing of the other departments. Are you hoping for an answer to the question of how much should we evaluate children’s health? The economic pressure is simply immense. The management of the Traunstein clinic expressed to the parliamentarians the great desire to take them with them to Berlin in terms of concrete suggestions after having lightened the administrative burdenthe establishment of regional health budgets in the Social Code, the promotion of cooperation between outpatient and hospital medicine or better remuneration for the vacancy of beds, for example in gynecology or trauma surgery.

Health shouldn’t be just a matter of cost, according to the central creed of the exchange. The health system must be seen as a value factor for Germany, according to Dr. Gretscher, not as a cost factor. Around more attractive medical and nursing professions To do this, in addition to better pay, it is necessary to awaken idealism. For fairer remuneration for these professions, night shifts and weekends could be tax free, according to a concrete proposal of the practice. Optimizing immigration laws could also help address the staff shortage. Salzach Clinic in Fridolfing, Affiliated Hospital and Practice Clinic, mediated other challenges as a smaller unit, presented by Clinic Director Elisabeth Sinzinger, Staff Counselor Barbara Danninger, and Second Mayor of Fridolfing Egon Kraus (FWG). Kraus praised the house as “people-centered and very important for medical care in rural areas.”

The employees are mostly “very proud to work in the Fridolfingen hospital”, assured Danninger. However, such homes would remain under the radar in health policy, she complained: “It gives the impression that they are not wanted.” Huller: “You should be able to be born and die in the same district as you, it should be the minimum.” Saskia Weishaupt reported by the Bundestag Health Committee that the hospital’s funding is in the budget of the Ministry of Health High priority and that a lot of money is planned for the management of the pandemic. Digitization, implemented correctly, could reduce excessive bureaucracy, he expected.

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