War against Ukraine: this is the situation

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov sees real danger in the outbreak of a third world war.

In an interview on Russian television, he also made it clear that he views NATO arms deliveries to Ukraine as legitimate targets for his country. Two months into the war, Russian President Vladimir Putin received UN Secretary General António Guterres in Moscow on Tuesday.

The danger of a third world war is “serious, it is real, it should not be underestimated,” Lavrov said in an interview shared by the foreign ministry on Monday evening on its Telegram channel. At the same time, he explained that he did not want the risks to be artificially inflated further in such a situation. There are a lot of parties that want it, he said, without being specific. The inadmissibility of a nuclear war remains Russia’s principled position.

Asked about a comparison between the current situation and the era of the Cuban missile crisis, Lavrov said there were few written rules at the time. But the “rules of conduct” were clear enough: Moscow knew how Washington was behaving and Washington was clear about how Moscow was behaving. Even today, there are few rules, Lavrov said, referring to the New Start nuclear disarmament treaty. But “at the same time, all other arms control and non-proliferation tools are practically destroyed”.

London warns of high Russian losses

According to British experts, Russian troops could try to encircle Ukrainian forces in the east of the country. This was announced Tuesday by the Ministry of Defense in London in its daily intelligence update on the war in Ukraine. According to reports, heavy fighting is underway south of the city of Izyum, where Russian combat units are advancing towards the cities of Slowiansk and Kramatorsk from the north and east. According to British experts, the Ukrainian armed forces in the city of Zaporizhia, located on the Dnieper River in southern Ukraine, are already preparing for a possible Russian attack from the south.

Meanwhile, British Defense Secretary James Heappey has warned of heavy Russian casualties in their advance into the Donbass. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged desire to celebrate victory over Nazi Germany on May 9 will cost the lives of thousands of Russian soldiers.

Zelenskii: Russia will get nothing

According to Ukrainian President Selenskyj, Moscow will not be successful in its war of aggression in Ukraine. In two months, the Russian armed forces deployed more than 1,100 rockets, countless aerial bombs and artillery. Some Ukrainian places have been razed, Selenskyj said in his video evening speech, which was posted on Telegram on Tuesday evening. “But they got nothing. And they will get nothing. “

Ukraine: dead and wounded after new Russian attacks

After the new Russian attacks, Ukraine has reported further deaths and injuries in several regions of the country. A railway worker was killed and four others injured when five train stations were bombed, the state railway company told the Telegram news channel. In the Kharkiv region in the east of the country, four people were killed and five injured by Russian bombing on Monday, the region’s governor Oleh Synyehubov said on Telegram.

Four other civilians were wounded in the city of Kharkiv. A twelve-story house also caught fire, two floors were completely burned down. The bombings were also reported from the northeastern Ukrainian region of Sumy. This was done from the Russian territory to the city of Bilopillya, said the governor of the region, Dmytro Schywyzkyj. There are no injuries or damage.

From Krivij Rih, the Ukrainian president’s hometown, the bombings were said to have recently become “significantly” stronger. Local military leader Oleksandr Wilkul wrote this in his Telegram channel. Russian units tried to break through the defense line that was still in the Cherson region. However, they were unsuccessful. However, there is an increase in refugees from the Cherson region.

The Russian region reports bombing again

According to Russian officials, the bombings broke out again in the Belgorod region, on the border with Ukraine. This time the village of Zhuravlevka was hit; At least two people were injured, said the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, in his channel on the social network Telegram. The region, which according to the authorities was bombed several times, borders the Ukrainian region of Kharkiv.

London: Ukraine’s wheat harvest falls by 20%.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine significantly disrupted agricultural production in Ukraine. This year’s wheat harvest is expected to be around 20% lower than in 2021 due to the reduction in areas sown following the invasion, the UK Defense Ministry said in its daily intelligence update.

Ukraine is the world’s fourth largest producer and exporter of agricultural products, he said. A reduced supply of wheat from Ukraine will create inflationary pressures and raise the global price of wheat. At the same time, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is urging that trade routes be kept open for grain from war-torn Ukraine. The United Nations institution assumes that only about half of the previous year’s grain can be harvested.

It will be important today

Two months after the start of the war in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin received UN Secretary General António Guterres in Moscow. In addition to a greater diplomatic role for the UN, the meeting in the Kremlin should focus primarily on humanitarian access for the UN and safe escape routes for civilians, for example from the besieged city of Mariupol.

At the invitation of the United States, representatives of several countries discussed the war in Ukraine at the Ramstein air base in Rhineland-Palatinate. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin invited some 40 countries, including German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. One of the goals of the consultations is Ukraine’s lasting security and sovereignty, he said.

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