8 fantastic places in Lisbon

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Lisbon is THE destination in Portugal when it comes to a city break. And with good reason, because the metropolis has everything a perfect cultural vacation destination needs: historic buildings, viewing platforms and architectural attractions. And so that you know which places deserve a place on your wish list, we will show you an overview of our absolute hotspots in Lisbon.

1. Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

The Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, as the locals call the famous Hieronymites Monastery in Lisbon, is part of any cultural journey through Portugal. Because the artistically designed monastery in the Belém district is considered the most important surviving Manueline-style building.

Lisbon’s Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is a very popular photographic backdrop.

In concrete terms, this means that tourists can expect many ornaments, aesthetic facades, ceilings and columns, as well as a large internal courtyard with gardens and fountains. There are also some sarcophagi and tombs of famous Portuguese in the church that belongs to the monastery. The monastery is accessible for free from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00.

2. Belém Tower

Originally built to accommodate incoming ships, the Torre de Belém is now one of the most important sights in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. And with good reason: in 1521, Portugal was considered one of the world’s leading maritime powers. Meanwhile the tower was also used as a prison and customs station.

The Torre de Belem is a popular destination for those interested in culture.

Today, vacationers often go wild at the UNESCO World Heritage Site right on the water to explore the historic 35-meter-high tower. Among other things, the southern facade of the tower, decorated with royal symbols and ornaments from the 16th century, is particularly noteworthy.

3. Santa Justa lift

The historic lift Elevador de Santa Justa, in the historic center of Lisbon, has been connecting the inhabitants of the Portuguese metropolis with each other for over 100 years. The 45 meter high tower was originally intended to connect the two districts of Baixa and Chiado, allowing you to drive from the bottom (Baixa) to the top (Chiado).

The Elevador de Santa Justa attracts many tourists, especially in the summer months.

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In the meantime, however, the tower has become a popular viewing and viewing platform. In high season, numerous travelers flock to the nostalgic tower in the bustling city center to be able to see the city from above.

Those who have finished the journey in the cabins can climb the spiral staircase to the top of the tower, where even a small café offers some delicacies. The lift is open from 8:00 to 20:00, a climb and a descent cost just over 5 euros per person.

4. Lisbon Cathedral

For architecture buffs, the Lisbon Cathedral is definitely on the bucket list for a city trip. This is mainly due to its particular architectural style, which is an artistic blend of Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic. Known locally as the Cathedral of Sé de Lisboa, the oldest place of worship in the city is now also considered the main church in Lisbon.

The Lisbon Cathedral is one of the most famous places in the city.