Emergency doctor Federle dropped out of school, got pregnant at 17, ran away from a drug addict – her life was so moved

Emergency doctor Federle leaves school, gets pregnant at 17, runs away from drug addict – his life was so turbulent

Tübingen – In the heyday of crown-Pandemic, Lisa Federle (60), emergency doctor and officer for the Tübingen pandemic, has become nationally famous.

Lisa Federle (60) has become nationally famous for her work in the corona pandemic. © Bernd Weissbrod / dpa

Having helped develop the concept for the so-called Tübingen model – where outdoor catering or cultural performances were allowed at the start of the pandemic with a negative corona test – she has been a welcome guest on talk shows and entertainment programs. news. She used a medical cellphone with free quick tests and received the Federal Cross of Merit on the ribbon for her commitment in 2020.

An unprecedented career, one might think, but his now published autobiography shows that Federle’s story could have ended very differently.

“During the pandemic I was invited to some talk shows. Many people wrote to me afterwards and wanted to know more about me. The book is the answer,” says the 60-year-old. An incredible story awaits readers.

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As a teenager, Federle becomes pregnant, runs away from her abusive, drug-addicted partner and, as she herself puts it, must steal food. She works at night in urology, she updates in high school and high school, she has a third child. There is a desire to become a doctor-her that she eventually reaches her.

“I don’t want to settle my accounts with anyone in this book and I don’t want to put my mother down,” Federle says. “I want to encourage people that, despite the adverse circumstances, you can make life beautiful with the little things and create your world, whether through reading or painting. You have to cross valleys to climb the mountain and have a clear vision.”

Secondary appeal

The emergency doctor and the mother wrote the autobiography

The emergency doctor and the mother wrote the autobiography “On Straight Winding Paths”. © Bernd Weissbrod / dpa

His autobiography is an appeal to secondary ways, curiosity, empathy and respect. At the same time, it’s a shocking testimony from a freedom-loving young woman who, shaped by the untimely death of her beloved father and her stern mother, initially stumbles.

In the more or less chronologically structured autobiography, Federle tells how she left the cramped confines of her parents’ home at the age of 17 and began to enjoy her freedom: she dropped out of school and attended her clique.

For them, pietism was a terrible restricted system, writes Federle. “I couldn’t reach my mother anymore and she couldn’t reach me.”

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She falls in love with a man who is twelve years her senior and who, according to her, soon begins to drink too much and beat her. Federle became pregnant at the age of 17 and her mother kicked her out of the house because of her lifestyle. Her first child sees the light, 16 months later a second child arrives, a daughter. When she discovers that the man beside her is a drug addict and injects himself with heroin, she goes into hiding with her two children, Benjamin and Simone.

Once he steals food from the supermarket. “For the next three weeks it was all packaged bread and cream cheese, which I haven’t had an appetite for since then,” writes Federle.

mother of three children

Emergency doctor Lisa Federle campaigned for free rapid testing during corona peak.

Emergency doctor Lisa Federle campaigned for free rapid testing during corona peak. © Sebastian Gollnow / dpa

To survive, she works as a waitress at the tables and works at night in the urology department of the university hospital in Tübingen. This increases her desire to become a doctor. “Since I was nine, I have always wanted to be a doctor. It has always been my biggest dream and I have always kept it,” says Federle.

By that time he had already completed his baccalaureate. For four years she went to night school and went to high school and high school, despite having her third child.

At the age of 30, she was admitted to medical school and earned her doctorate seven years later. Is everything good that ends well?

“Yes,” says Federle. Today she is the mother of four and lives in Tübingen, where she runs a general practitioner. She is vice president of the district medical association and district councilor of the CDU. The 60-year-old is also honorary president of the German Red Cross in Tübingen and a district pandemic official.

Instead of an afterword, Federle lists his “personal ABC” in his autobiography. He starts with A for “getting old” (“Older people are very important to me”) and ends with Z for “second chance at education” (“It’s not an easy way, but it’s worth it!”).

For Federle, working for a company means keeping a company alive. “Only through a community where everyone takes care of each other and in times of need do not hesitate to put their own needs aside, does the future become conceivable,” he describes his commitment.

In the 35 chapters of the autobiography, the reader learns a lot about the daily life of a doctor and the needs of people. But Federle also writes about love. For example, on his previous relationship with Rezzo Hose, the former president of the parliamentary group of the Greens.

He says: “It was the beginning of a wonderful, great love that lasted twelve years and should bring many magical moments, but also a drop of bitterness every now and then.”

Cover photo: Bernd Weissbrod / dpa

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