Good news of the day: Thomas More School students are building benches for their school yard

Joy is great among students, teachers, craftsmen and parents. / Photo: Brockfeld

Many bad things happen every day, but also many good things. Unfortunately, the good news all too rarely makes it to the press. This will change now, because HASEPOST reports at least one “good news” from the region and around the world every day if possible.

In the Generations Workshop, students and non-retirees work together on craft projects. Thomas Morus School’s eighth grade students built a new seating area for their school yard in the KME laboratory and learned important life lessons in the meantime.

Many kids struggle with school and don’t know what job they want to take. To support them, the generational laboratory of the cause foundation brings together schoolchildren between the ages of 12 and 15 together with retired artisans. Together they are working on a project where students can have their first craft experience and learn important lessons for life. Six eighth graders of the Thomas More School share with the retired craftsman Friedhelm Kaiser built a large seating area for the school yard at KME. The joint work was presented on Tuesday (April 26).

The benches offer space for numerous students. The globe in the background was also created in 2017 as part of the Generations Workshop. / Photo: Brockfeld

Proud of joint work

The pupils Jacob Bensman, Jan Mayer, Mika steals, Nicholas Klocke, Luke Runkel And Domenico Szmit they are remarkably proud of the finished seating area, which is already used by their classmates. So is the principal Matteo Wocken noted: “This is already our fourth project with KME and the Generation Workshop. We see again and again how the kids proudly show their parents or friends what they have built here together. We all won when the students they understood how important it is to get a good degree and that what they learned in school can also be used in real life ”.

The desks are decorated with a plaque with the names of the students.  / Photo: Brockfeld
The desks are decorated with a plaque with the names of the students. / Photo: Brockfeld

A matter of heart for KME

for Lars SchoenballKME training manager, the generation workshop is an affair of the heart: “We have been supporting the project for years and will continue to do so in the future. It is not only a positive experience for the kids, but also advertising for our profession and helps attract new trainees. ”KME regularly receives applications from schoolchildren who, thanks to the Generations Workshop, have found joy in the profession. In 2017, for example, an electrician apprentice now in his third year helped build a large globe for the courtyard of the Thomas More School.

The enthusiasm for the craft has awakened

Craftsman Friedhelm Kaiser is also enthusiastic about the workshop for generations: “Craftsmanship is the benchmark for me and I always like to do it. The guys were always in the mood and were almost always complete. They brought a lot of ambition with them. and I was able to give them responsibilities. ”The eighth grade students worked on the project one day a week from approximately 2:00 to 4:15 pm together with Friedrich Kaiser. From November 19th, a large seating area was created which offers space for dozens of students. The boys sawed, welded, filed, drilled and, under Kaiser’s direction, did most of the work themselves. Finally, the finished benches were removed with the help of the caretaker Thomas Meyer installed at the fountain in front of the school.

Working together impressed the six students. Five of them can imagine undertaking a manual activity later on. Only one would rather be a zookeeper.

Friedhelm Kaiser gives the students the certificate of participation in the Generations Workshop.  / Photo: Brockfeld
Friedhelm Kaiser gives the students the certificate of participation in the Generations Workshop. / Photo: Brockfeld

What is the Generation Workshop?

The Generations Workshop is a project of the Osnabrück Foundation. Since 2014 it has been supported by the Osnabrück-Emsland-Grafschaft Bentheim Chamber of Crafts and the local district artisan associations. Pupils aged between 12 and 15 come to the laboratory, get to know a company and create something new together. A knowledgeable person in the company or a non-retired person (someone who is already retired but looking for a meaningful job) takes care of the students and imparts practical and social skills. Since the foundation was established in 2008, over 200 projects have been implemented in 45 schools.

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