Haberg clinics greet and restrict doctors.

Former head of Haberg Clinics, Haus Ebern, surgeon medical doctor Klaus Riedel and internist Ants Lohmus greeted each other on Wednesday afternoon in the courtyard of Ebern City Hall during an outdoor event. Gabriella Slugotska, who has worked there since April 1, 2022, was welcomed as the new head of the internal department of Haus Ebern. Surgery in Ebern remains vacant due to the refurbishment. She was transferred to Hafurt. Critical tones also intervened during the farewell words.

Farewell and welcome (from left): Dr. Klaus Riedel, District Administrator Wilhelm Schneider, Chief Physician Gabriella Slugotska, Mayor Jürgen Hennemann, Ants Lohmus and CEO Wilfried Neubauer.

Farewell and welcome (from left): Dr. Klaus Riedel, District Administrator Wilhelm Schneider, Chief Physician Gabriella Slugotska, Mayor Jrgen Hennemann, Ants Lohmus and CEO Wilfried Neubauer.

Photo: Helmut Will

Wilfried Neubauer, managing director of Haberg-Kliniken, welcomed the main figures and some family doctors into the courtyard of the town hall. “You are a veteran, you have worked in Haberg clinics for nearly 30 years and in that time you have made a name for yourself far beyond the district,” Neubauer told Dr. Klaus Riedel. He began his professional career which began in Leipzig in the 1980s and took him through the Suhl Clinic to the Hafurt Hospital in 1992. “Here he worked as a senior physician for visceral and traumatic surgery and completed his specialist training. in orthopedics and traumatic surgery at Leopoldina hospital in Schweinfurt. Before moving to Ebern hospital as chief of surgery in 2013, you acted as a senior physician for both locations, “said Neubauer. “We can continue to use you in our MVZ locations and especially in Ebern even after your retirement,” concluded Neubauer.

Hassberg clinics greet and welcome doctors: Dr.  Klaus Riedel

Haberg Clinics Greet and Restrict Doctors: Dr. Klaus Riedel

Photo: Helmut Will

Riedel briefly reviewed his time at Haberg clinics. It wasn’t easy at first and at Ebern Hospital he and Ants Lohmus formed a good team with surgery and internal medicine. He came to Ebern because Stefan Kolck asked him. “We tried it and it worked and I enjoyed working on the boars,” said the surgeon.

The problems have come with the introduction of case-by-case flat rates in hospitals

Then it touched critical tones. “When I look back over the past 30 years, from 2000 onwards, when flat rates were introduced by chance, it became clear that hospitals and doctors were increasingly being measured by profitability. There was growing financial pressure to succeed. Making good medicine and practicing good patient satisfaction was becoming more and more difficult, which could not have been our goal, “said Dr. Klaus Riedel.

Haßberg clinics greet and welcome doctors: Ants Lohmus

Haberg Clinics Greet and Limit Doctors: Ants Lohmus

Photo: Helmut Will

Internist Ants Lohmus, who arrived at Ebern hospital as a senior physician in 2004 and has been chief of internal medicine since 2007, was particularly praised by Neubauer for his work with the implantation of cardiac pacemakers. Lung disease prevention was also very important to him. After studying at Tartu University in Estonia, Ants Lohmus went to the Moscow University Institute of Cardiology as a doctoral student before earning his doctorate in 1984 at Tartu University Hospital. In 1991 he arrived at Nurnberger Land Hospital. There he completed his specialist training as an internist. Previously he had worked as a senior physician at the Estonian Heart Center in Tallinn. Lohmus will continue to cover the so-called specialist medical service at the Ebern site, Neubauer said.

The colors of Ukraine on the jacket

For Ants Lohmus, who wore the Ukrainian colors on his jacket, it was important to report the war in Ukraine as well as thank all his employees. “It is very close to my heart to say that everyone should support Ukraine against the aggressor. Whoever does not provide support is on the other side, on the side of the aggressor, “said Lohmus.” The best years of my professional career were in Ebern, “said Ants Lohmus and wished his successor, who comes from the Western Ukraine, every success.

It was Gabriella Slugotska, the new head of the internal department of the Ebern hospital. Neubauer told her they were pleased to have won her over as a specialist in internal medicine and cardiology with an additional qualification in heart failure. Slugotska was born in Ukraine, studied at Lemberg University and worked for many years as a cardiologist in the clinic in the city of Tyachiv in western Ukraine before coming to Germany in 2012. She had other jobs in Koblenz, Bad Berka and Bad Kissingen. “We still have a lot planned at Haus Ebern and we hope to be able to implement it all with you,” said the CEO.

Welcome to the new head of Hassberg clinics

Mayor Jürgen Hennemann hands over the Eberner Ltzel to the new primary. District administrator Wilhelm Schneider (center).

Photo: Helmut Will

Overall, the Ebern hospital building will continue to serve the needs of people in the Ebern area, Neubauer said. Dr Gabriella Slugotska explained that she found a good climate in Ebern. “I am hopeful that things will continue well here,” she said. She also wanted to approach and design everything humanly.

Hassberg clinics greet and welcome doctors: Dr.  Gabriella Slugotska

Haberg Clinics Greet and Restrict Doctors: Dr. Gabriella Slugotska

Photo: Helmut Will

District administrator Wilhelm Schneider (CSU), chairman of the board of directors, and mayor Jürgen Hennemann (SPD), who is also a member of the board of directors, thanked the retired doctors and welcomed the new chief doctor. Both were convinced that the Ebern house would continue. “We have to make the most of the terms and conditions,” said the district administrator. As for the changes made, they both said there was no other way.

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