Mandatory tests in Berlin kindergartens will no longer apply on 9 May – regulations in schools are expected to end at the same time

Regulation in schools should also end

The mandatory crown test in nursery schools in Berlin will no longer apply on May 9th

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As in Brandenburg, compulsory tests should also be omitted in Berlin schools and kindergartens. According to information from rbb, the nurseries will be closed from 9 May. At the same time, the regulation should also end in schools.

The mandatory crown test in Berlin nurseries will be abolished from 9 May. This emerges from a letter from the administration to the umbrella organizations of daycare providers, which is available exclusively for rbb. He says that due to the declining number of infections, “the general and regular obligation to test in kindergartens and crèches is no longer applicable”.

However, it is expressly pointed out that testing can continue after 9 May on a voluntary and ad hoc basis, for example in the event of a corona outbreak. The tests (one test per person per week) should also be made available to facilities in the future, writes the Senate Department.

Larscheid: Mandatory tests in schools should also be abandoned

The previous test-to-stay strategy will also end on May 9th. It states that children who have had contact with an infected person can continue to attend daycare, but are tested daily. According to the Senate Department of Education, Youth and Family, it will be up to the local health authorities how these “contact children” will be treated, whether they can continue to visit the nursery or be sent to quarantine.

Reinickendorf medical officer Patrick Larscheid told rbb24 Inforadio that exams in schools should also be suspended in parallel with nursery schools. Against the backdrop of the national crown strategy, this is “consistent”. It can live with it because there are “backdoors” like event-related testing, according to the Reinickendorf medical officer. In Brandenburg the compulsory tests will end next Monday.

“Reason incomprehensible content”

Larscheid called the procedure politically consistent. If tests are no longer considered relevant to adults, it is difficult to argue that they still are for younger people. However, the reason given is that the number of infections is now low enough to ease testing requirements. According to Larscheid, this is not understandable in terms of content.

“The reason they want to explicitly stop it in day care is that the number of diseases has gone down so much. It’s totally incomprehensible, because the number of diseases we have now is many times more than we’ve ever had,” says Larscheid.

The Berlin Senate had already decided at the end of March to lift the compulsory mask in Berlin schools. To this end, the students had to test themselves three times a week on a transient basis.

Broadcast: Inforadio, April 27, 2022, 8:00 am

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