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Circular lip. A new state parliament is elected in NRW. Sunday 15 May, from 8:00 to 18:00, it will be possible to vote for candidates and parties at the local polling station. In addition, cities and municipalities offer postal voting, so that a provisional result is known on election night. District Return Officer Dr. Axel Lehmann asks Lipper to exercise his right to vote.

“The state parliament in Düsseldorf makes decisions that shape our region and influence the development of Lippe and the city of Vlotho. You can now choose between different candidates and parties. Cast your first and second votes in good time and ensure a good turnout. at the polls, “the district administrator said in a district press release.

Dr Axel Lehmann is the district return officer for three constituencies. Borough 97 (Lippe I), this borough includes the towns and communities of Bad Salzuflen, Lage, Leopoldshöhe and Oerlinghausen. College 98 (Lippe II-Herford III) with the towns and communities Barntrup, Blomberg, Dörentrup, Extertal, Kalletal, Lemgo and Lügde. The city of Vlotho (in the Herford district) also belongs to the constituency of Lippe II-Herford III. In constituency 99 (Lippe III), the eligible voters of the cities and municipalities of Augustdorf, Detmold, Horn-Bad Meinberg, Schieder-Schwalenberg and Schlangen vote.

That’s what the crosses on the ballot paper are for

Two votes can be cast in state elections: the “first vote” is used to directly elect a candidate, while the “second vote” is cast for a party’s state list. The state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia has at least 181 members (replacement and compensation mandates are also possible). The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is divided into 128 constituencies. One member of parliament is directly elected in each constituency (first ballot). The remaining 53 MPs are elected from the state party lists with the second vote.

German citizens who have turned 18 on election day and have resided in NRW since at least 29 April 2022 are eligible to vote. Approximately 278,700 people are eligible to vote in the three constituencies, of which approximately 17,300 may vote for the first time in the borough of Lippe and in the city of Vlotho. You can vote in 265 polling stations in the Lippe district, red ballots are counted in 83 polling stations by correspondence. The city of Vlotho has 11 polling stations and 5 postal voting districts.

The postal vote must arrive on time

All voters who choose to vote by mail and request documents must ensure they are presented by mail or in person on time. The ballot paper should be in the mailbox by Thursday 12 May at the latest. This is the only way to ensure that it arrives on time at the electoral office of the associated city or municipality. Postage is not required in Germany. Postal voters can also hand in their ballot paper or have it delivered directly to the office indicated on the ballot envelope, no later than 6pm on Election Sunday. Ballot papers received later cannot be taken into account in the counting of votes which begins at that moment.


follow the elections online

The results of past elections as well as information and results from the 2022 state elections are available at More articles on state elections and portraits of individual candidates will appear here in the coming weeks.

“The share of postal voters is expected to rise again. Cities and municipalities provide information on deadlines and return addresses in the election documents and on the website of the respective municipality,” continues the district administration. The Ordinance on Corona Protection is decisive for the specific planning of hygiene measures for protection against corona infections. Anyone who votes in person in polling stations should find out in advance.

Cities and municipalities organize polling stations and take care of polling operators. They also record the results, counting the votes in polling stations and postal voting districts. The reports of the election results will be published from 18:00 on Once all municipalities have counted and reported, an interim result will be known later on election night. Officially, the district election committee will determine the outcome of the 2022 state elections in the three constituencies on May 19, and the state election committee will decide the final result for NRW on May 30.

The following candidates are running in the three Lippe constituencies:

District 97 Lippe I

  • Klaus Hansen – German Christian Democratic Union (CDU)
  • Ellen Stock – German Social Democratic Party (SPD)
  • Martina Hannen – Free Democratic Party (FDP)
  • Sabine Reinknecht – Alternative for Germany (AfD)
  • Julia Eisentraut – ALLIANCE 90 / THE VERDI (VERDI)
  • Dorothea Senz-Ndiaye – DIE LINKE (LEFT)
  • Dennis Möller – Party for Labor, Rule of Law, Animal Welfare, Promotion of the Elites and Grassroots Initiative (Die PARTEI)
  • Nina Otholt-Wall – FREE VOTE (FREE VOTE)
  • Joachim Zens – German Grassroots Democratic Party (dieBasis)

District 98 Lippe II – Herford III

  • Christiane Thiel – German Christian Democratic Union (CDU)
  • Alexander Baer – German Social Democratic Party (SPD)
  • Nils Allersmeier – Free Democratic Party (FDP)
  • dr Burkhard Pohl – ALLIANCE 90 / I VERDI (VERDI)
  • Nikolai Children – DIE LINKE (THE LINKE)
  • Ralf Ochsenfahrt – FREE VOTE (FREE VOTE)
  • Sandra Fröhlingsdorf – German Grassroots Democratic Party (dieBasis)

District 99 Lippe III

  • Heinrich Zertik – German Christian Democratic Union (CDU)
  • Dr Dennis Maelzer – German Social Democratic Party (SPD)
  • Dr Elmar Thyzel – Free Democratic Party (FDP)
  • Viktor Hübner – Alternative for Germany (AfD)
  • Timo Broeker – ALLIANCE 90 / I VERDI (VERDI)
  • Walter Brinkmann – DIE LINKE (LEFT)
  • Annalena Thiel – Party for Labor, Rule of Law, Animal Welfare, Promotion of the Elites and Grassroots Democratic Initiative (Die PARTEI)
  • Julia Schnabel-Clever – FREE VOTE (FREE VOTE)
  • Enrico Haberkorn – German Democratic Party of the Base (dieBasis)

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