Stream, trailer, start and occupation of Herzogpark RTL Plus

The “Herzogpark”, the residence of Munich’s high society, has its own television series. The high-end manufacturing for RTL Plus gives a glimpse behind the dazzling facade of the posh neighborhood. The focus is on four women who keep secrets and have a common enemy in the form of an intriguing master builder.

When will RTL Plus start broadcasting the series? Can you see “Herzogpark” on TV? Who is in the cast of the film?

Plot, episode guide, actors and other details – we bring you an overview of the broadcast schedule of the new series of events.

“Herzogpark” in the stream on RTL Plus

With “Herzogpark”, RTL Plus has commissioned a curious social comedy. The six-part series can be streamed from May 3, 2022. Viewers don’t have to wait for the next episode because RTL Plus has all six parts immediately available.

“Herzogpark”: When will the series go on TV?

Online registration is required for the “Herzogpаrk” series. Unlike previous formats, the new episode won’t air on TV a few days or a week after its streaming release. The series will be on free TV for a while longer. According to information from the current station, the series will only be broadcast on Vox “later in the year”. You will be notified here as soon as the broadcast dates are established.

“Herzogpark”: plot of the series

Four women in Munich’s elegant Herzogpark district have struck a pact against a charismatic tyrant. Annabelle, Elisabeth and Hannah are beautiful and rich and will do anything to maintain their social status. However, there is a problem: Nikolaus van der Bruck, who is male and powerful. Together with his wife Helene, with whom he has a bizarre relationship, the construction magnate reigns over who is who of the Munich society. He pressures women when his prestige project, Herzogtower, is threatened with bankruptcy in the city council. But in their own unique way, they react. Even Maria, his ex-girlfriend recently released from prison, has sworn revenge. When the four women meet by chance, they form a menacing alliance to fight together against the “power of the duke’s tower”.

“Herzog Park”: trailer

What viewers can expect from “Herzogpark” follows in a short trailer:

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“Herzogpark”: The episodes in the episode guide

The new RTL Plus series consists of six episodes, each lasting nearly 45 minutes. Check out the episode guide to see what happens in each:

episode 1

Maria Schreiber is no longer behind bars. Two years later she took over the catering of one of Nikolaus van der Bruck’s infamous parties in Herzogpark. It is the rich and trendy district of Munich. She owes him an apology and she’s not the only one. Hannah Arndt, Elisabeth von Lynden, and Annabelle Bernbauer are also clearly involved in some way. The evening did not go as we had imagined.

episode 2

Nikolaus learns that his Herzogtower is on hold for two weeks due to a construction stoppage. Annabelle throws a dinner in honor of Alf’s appointment as mayor. Annabelle meets Maria at her son’s soccer practice when the restaurateur jumps off. The evening is safe, but only for a while. On the menu are unwanted visitors, dark secrets and slightly too bare skin.

episode 3

Maria buys a gun and talks about it with Eddy. Nicholas continues to torture Hannah, Elisabeth and Annabelle. Hannah discovers she is unintentionally pregnant after Elisabeth’s children are expelled from boarding school. Elisabeth believes she has no choice but to commit suicide. Hannah manages to stop them just in time. When Annabelle passes by while she jogs, the three of them realize what life they should end up in.

Episode 4

Back at the van der Brucks party two weeks later. It was Hubertus, not Nikolaus, who drank the poison and immediately fell into a coma. Every detail was noticed by Maria. Maria is the one who suspects Nicholas. The other three, on the other hand, want to take over from Maria. When Nikolaus wants to congratulate Maria on something new, he has had enough. He makes the decision to partner with other women. It’s time for a rethink.

episode 5

When their killer refuses them, the women travel to South Tyrol in the hope of finally stopping Nikolaus at his hotel. With the supposedly stolen money they want to lure him into an old casino and then leave him there. Along the way, women approach. Maria discusses her relationship with Nicholas in the past and Hanna discusses her relationship with him in the present. In the end, her plan almost succeeds, but only barely.

episode 6

Annabelle and Elisabeth have separated from their husbands, Hanna is expecting her first child and Nikolaus is exhausted. He blossoms briefly when he and Maria win one last game at the casino. However, she won’t forgive him. He devises a strategy and shares it with Helene. He should invite the ladies to his house. Then something unexpected happens: the four women are suddenly joined by a fifth …

The “Herzogpark” series will be broadcast on RTL Plus. Photo courtesy of RTL / Marc Reimann.

“Herzogpark”: occupation

Many famous actors and actresses can be seen in the cast of “Herzogpark”. What are the names of the actors in the cast? At a glance, here is a list of the roles and their actors:

Hannah Arndt – Lisa Mаria Potthoff – Elisаbeth von Lynden – Antje Traue – Annabelle Bernbauer – Felicitas Woll – Maria Schreiber – Heike Makаtsch – Nikolaus van der Bruck – Heiner Lauterbach – Helene van der Bruck – Jeanette HainAlf Bernbauer – Trystan Pütter – Hubertus von Lynden Lu

The “Herzogpаrk” series offers an insight into Munich’s opulent high society. The park of the same name is a real place with a real name. Bogenhausen, between Iar and Isleite, is the posh district of Munich. The neighborhood is characterized by a large number of villas and ancient buildings. The series was shot in summer 2021 in and around Munich and South Tyrol.


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