The citizens of Langenfeld Monheim are cycling back for a better climate

City cycle tourism in Langenfeld and Monheim
Citizens are cycling back for a better climate

The “City Cycling” campaign takes place this time from 8 to 28 May. The start is a demonstration at the state parliament in Düsseldorf, in which Monheimer and Langenfelder take part. The ADFC accompanies both cities and organizes tours.

(og) Communicating the fun of cycling and at the same time doing something for the climate: this is the goal of the national campaign “Stadtradeln”, in which many people from Monheim and Langenfeld participate every year. From 8 to 28 May, the kilometers traveled privately or professionally can be collected again. Individual participants and entire teams can register now.

The “City Cycling” campaign is coordinated across Germany by the largest municipal global climate protection network, the “Climate Alliance”. The goal is to create a signal for climate protection and CO2– Establish savings and long-term promotion of cycling in your city. Everyone is therefore invited to pedal vigorously for three weeks and collect as many kilometers as possible for Monheim and Langenfeld, both professionally and privately. Secondary school pupils and teachers can participate in the school bicycle during the same period and cycle as many routes as possible for three weeks.

Traffic in cities and communities in particular causes a relatively large amount of CO2– Issue. “According to studies, if about 30 percent of short distances up to six kilometers in urban centers were traveled by bicycle rather than by car, about 7.5 million tons of CO2 avoid “, says Manuel Gomez Dardenne, head of climate protection of the city of Monheim.” We would like to draw attention to this with the campaign. “

The demonstration from Monheim to the state parliament in Düsseldorf is organized by the ADFC. There will be a gathering under the motto “Breaking the Road”. Participants meet for the bike tour in the state capital on Sunday 8 May, at 11am at the Schelmenturm and at 11.20am at the ADFC showcase near the rose pharmacy on Holzweg 28 in Baumberg. “A good opportunity to collect the first kilometers for city cycling”, says Manuel Gomes Dardenne.

Teams or individual participants can register online at Individual participants are automatically registered in an open group, which others can join. The kilometers traveled are presented and recorded online, via a smartphone app or with Manuel Gomez Dardenne. At the end of the day, a small prize and nice prizes await the most eager cyclist in the city. It also shows how Monheim fared compared to other municipalities.

The climate protection officer answers questions by email at or by phone on 02173 951-6052.

The Langenfelder are also called upon to pedal vigorously again. Because they have a title to defend. “Since 2015, when urban cycling started in Langenfeld, the participants have cycled 531,821 kilometers,” reports Natalie Nellißen of the Langenfeld climate protection team. The year 2021 was undoubtedly a highlight. More than 750 active people cycled 153,856 kilometers in the three weeks of the campaign. This means that Langenfeld ranked first in the city competition in the district of Mettmann. Also this year the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) is riding as a local supporter. The local group Langenfeld / Monheim offers numerous tours during the city cycle, which invite you to collect kilometers. The start is the rally in Düsseldorf. One week before the state elections, the ADFC, together with many other civic associations, would like to set an example for a sustainable traffic change.

Sustainable and climate-friendly mobility with more bicycle and pedestrian traffic and public transport: objectives also shared by the city of Langenfeld. The meeting point on 8 May is the square in front of the Langenfeld Town Hall. The family tour starts at 11:00.
The people of Langenfeld are invited to help shape cycling on site. The city is currently creating a new concept of cycle traffic and offers numerous opportunities for participation. In addition to the current online participation process (, interested parties can also be involved in a citizens’ seminar. Registration for the city workshop on 5 May in the Wasserburg Haus Graven is still possible until 29 April. Registration by e-mail at, the number of participants is limited to 50 people.

“I am very pleased that we can now delve into cycling according to the municipal mobility concept and that we can again offer community workshops on site. It is about actively shaping the cycling of tomorrow today. In direct exchange with experts, interested citizens they can make a valuable contribution here, “says Sabine Janclas, Head of the Environment, Transportation, Civil Engineering Department.

In addition to co-creation, fun shouldn’t be overlooked. The cheerful month of May offers the best conditions for splendid tours and relaxing daily cycling routes. Local winners of last year’s city cycling will be invited to an awards ceremony in May at the town hall. And again this year, the Langenfeld Climate Protection Team is giving Langenfeld vouchers to all participants. Five vouchers of 20 euros each will be awarded to the 20 individual cyclists with the most city bike kilometers. Ten vouchers of ten euros each will be awarded to all active participants who will cover at least 21 kilometers in this period.

Also in the eighth year of Stadtradeln it is worth participating! For health, for the climate and for the shared joy of sustainable mobility.

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