The hiking day offers a view of the cultural landscape

small cheeks – In this year’s edition, the eighth World Hiking Day once again offered a look at the different facets of an important cultural landscape around the Unstrut Valley, starting and ending in Arche Nebra. With the sun still shining on Sunday mornings, 200 hikers, mainly on foot, but also by bicycle and canoe, embarked on an eventful journey through time, divided into eleven routes for a total length of 236 kilometers, which focused on well-known and lesser known historical sites.

The Förderverein Welterbe an Saale und Unstrut was responsible for the preparation and organization. Club president Karin Reglich welcomed the encouragement and thanked her team Karin Borth, Petra Wiegel and Sandra Rosendahl for their volunteer efforts ahead of this popular event, which has long become a tradition. Thanks were also due to the Arche Nebra team, in person to Elke Arndt and Annett Börner, as well as to the tour guides.

District administrator opens World Heritage Hiking Day

In front of the ark, eleven registration tables were set up for the tours, where the respective guests and the route guides received the participants registered for the respective route. Before everyone involved headed off in different directions, District Administrator Götz Ulrich, Mayor of Nebra Antje Scheschinski and President of the Reglich Association opened World Hiking Day with greetings. Roland Thrän, managing director of the World Heritage Association until his retirement, also expressed his delight at the uninterrupted popularity of the hiking day, which he has always supported since the beginning.

District administrator Götz Ulrich welcomes active hikers in the presence of Roland Thrän and Mayor Antje Scheschinski.

(Photo: Gisela Jäger)

This year, for the first time, Thrän took part as a tour guide on the ten-kilometer “Nebra City Walk” tour. In addition to other guests, Ingrid Pirl from Roßleben, President of the Friends of the Monastery and of the Imperial Palace of Memleben since 2021, also joined this tour. “I take this tour because I don’t know much about Nebra and I am very excited about this city with its history and attractions,” she said, explaining why.

Reinhard and Edith Ködderitzsch traveled to Wangen from the Wethau valley, which had already participated several times in World Hiking Day. This offer is interesting for the elderly couple who enjoy hiking, because “it is the best way to get to know the surroundings closer and further away with a lot of information along the way,” said Reinhard Ködderitzsch.

Both joined the “Journey through time on the Orlando” excursion with a length of 17 kilometers. For the first time this year, a six-kilometer creative family tour was offered, led by Arche employee Annett Börner. Equipped with great bags, 16 hikers, including many children, ascended the Mittelberg and marveled at the works of art along the way.

I take this tour because I don’t know much about Nebra and I am very enthusiastic about this city with its history and attractions.

Ingrid Pirl of Rossleben

In addition to Annett Börner and Roland Thrän, Gabriele Serfling of Arche Nebra with the topic “Paths to the location of the celestial disk” and Armin Serfling as a hobby mineralogist, as well as Dieter Engelhardt, former head of department in the Burgenland district and former president of the association of Memleben Monastery, with.

Armin Serfling presented the precious nature of the Ziegelroda forest on the 13-kilometer trail “Geology and nature in the Unstrut valley” using the colorful Steinklöbe sandstone formation and mining history at the potash heap near Roßleben. Dieter Engelhardt’s “From Monastery to Castle” tour also included the Reinsdorf monastery church. On the spot, Hendrik Bobbe guided us through the church, which is the only remnant of the once important Benedictine monastery. He had brought a wine from his cellar as a surprise.

More challenging route: with 32 kilometers of route on foot, by canoe and by bicycle

The ambitious world heritage triathlon with a course of 32 kilometers on foot, by canoe and by bike with a visit to the Museum Kloster und Kaiserpfalz Memleben took place in collaboration with the canoe rental company Nebra. Geo-Naturpark CEO Matthias Henniger was present as a tour guide. The tour “In the footsteps of the Ottonians” with the tour guide Carmen Seebe also had the objective of the museum of the Memleben monastery.

Petra Wiegel (r.) And Karin Borth from the organizing team prepare the corresponding registration tables before the start of the individual tours.
Petra Wiegel (r.) And Karin Borth from the organizing team prepare the corresponding registration tables before the start of the individual tours.

(Photo: Gisela Jäger)

Museum director Andrea Knopik welcomed these two groups of hikers to Memleben Monastery and presented the impressive monastic complex on a short tour. Historian Bernd Bahn was once again involved, presenting the Sky Disk culture and other contemporary witnesses to this settlement period along the Altenburg Wangen and burial mounds in the Ziegelroda Forest. The tour guide Andreas Schwenzer accompanied the longest day leg of 72 kilometers “Through the Saalekreis in the Middle Ages” by bicycle, which impressively brought numerous places in the Hersfeld tithe directory between the Querfurt and Allstedt castles and the landscape of the monastery near the path to life.

Instant commemorative photo at the end

Before the individual tours, there were drinks, insulated seat cushions and bag backpacks donated by the Rotkapp Mumm Sektkellereien. And finally, Renate Jäckel from Saale-Unstrut-Tourism invited people to take an instant souvenir photo with the photo box. Participants in World Hiking Day were also able to visit the exhibitions at Arche Nebra. A big thank you to all cooperation partners and last but not least to United Cathedral Donors for Saturday’s prime time program in the World Heritage Site of Naumburg Cathedral organized by Kerstin Wille and Holger Kunde.

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