VVDN Technologies announces 5G open IP RANs for radios and distribution units

VVDN Technologies Inc

Gurugram, India, March 12, 2019 / PRNewswire /

VVDN Technologies, a leading provider of engineering, manufacturing and digital services, has announced the advancement of its IP ORANs to assist OEMs, telecommunications and systems integrators in the development and implementation of ORAN radios and distribution units (DU ) business and macro to support option 7.2 Split.

VVDN 5G ORAN IP wallet includes:

a) Fronthaul and Baseband Layer 1 Low PHY IP fully compatible with ORAN on Option 7.2

b) Full inline baseband layer 1 High PHY on FPGA for split DU of option 7.2

c) Offload LDPC and PTP for DU

VVDN’s IP stacks are ORAN compliant, tested for interoperability, run on FPGAs, and can also be deployed on custom ASICs. In addition, they can support different variants such as single / double / tri-band RU for 2T2R / 4T4R / 8T8R (with optional beamforming), multiple carriers and bandwidths. These IPs can be used by ODM / OEM RU / DU, 5G custom ASIC companies, test and measurement (T&M) companies and other 5G equipment manufacturers for rapid development and implementation of 5G solutions.

VVDN also plans to introduce hardware IP in the DU space, which will be announced shortly. VVDN’s focus and investment in developing these intellectual property rights would ensure India leads the 5G space and supports global customers in the implementation of their products.

Saurav Gupta, VP and GM, North America, 5G Business Unit, said: “We are very pleased to announce our 5G ORAN IP portfolio. VVDN’s investment in 5G IPs underscores the company’s commitment to 5G ORAN innovation and serves as a key catalyst to help us expand our 5G solution portfolio and accelerate time to market for our customers. Our IP solutions have proven their competence as they are used in the design and development of o-RAN-based RU and DU for multiple customers. ”He added:“ VVDN has a solid roadmap for 5G. Today we are experts in sub-6GHz technologies and our future activities are mmwave based solutions. “

VVDN has also created a complete ecosystem for manufacturing 5G products in India and plans to supply RU and DU to global customers. The company has SMT lines, RF reliability labs, ORAN labs, 5G RU / DU mechanical tools, 5G RU / DU die casting and sheet metal fabrication. Most recently, VVDN received the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) award for telecommunication and network products from the Indian government. VVDN would also make a separate announcement of full 5G manufacturing capabilities.

Information on VVDN technologies:

VVDN is a leading product design and manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of end-to-end products in 5G, Networking and Wi-Fi, Vision, IoT, Cloud and Apps. VVDN’s Indian headquarters are located in Global Innovation Park, Manesar, Gurugram and its North American headquarters are in Fremont, California, USA. VVDN works worldwide for customers in different regions. These include the United States, Canada, Europe, India, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. VVDN operates 10 state-of-the-art product design and development centers in India where all hardware and software needed to develop a complete product or solution is designed and tested.

VVDN’s 5 world-class manufacturing facilities are located in Manesar, Gurgaon, India. These include the best SMT factory, mold and tool factory, product assembly factory, die casting plant, and product certification labs. VVDN’s design and manufacturing facilities are fully dedicated to the design and manufacture of products for the business, consumer, industrial and automotive markets.

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