When it comes to the assistance bonus, everyone considers themselves a loser

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Berlin – According to the will of the federal government of SPD, Verdi and FDP, one billion euros will be distributed to hospitals and inpatient facilities as a new crown bonus. Other professional groups feel ignored, as a hearing today at the Bundestag Health Committee showed.

Requests for an award as well came from almost every other corner of the healthcare system today. It is not clear that the midwives did not receive a bonus, according to the German Association of Midwives, for example. There are no “words that the midwives have forgotten”.

Remedy providers are also expected to be among the recipients of the award, said Heinz-Christian Esser, chief executive of the Central Association of Drug Associations. Similar criticism has come from other areas. Temporary workers, employees of laboratories, dentists (ZFAs) and medical specialists (MFAs) would continue to be forgotten.

The additional burden for MFA and ZFA was comparable to that of the nursing staff, said Hannelore König of the Association of Medical Specialists. These would have absorbed the overload of health authorities in the second and third waves.

She complained that the performance of ZFA and MFA had not been seen “in the whole pandemic”. The bonus would be a “sign of appreciation” and an “important signal”. Ask the committee and parliamentarians to further develop the Care Bonus Act and involve MFA and ZFA.

He received the support of doctors again. Stephan Hofmeister, Vice President of the National Association of Medical Coroners of Health Insurance (KBV), explained that the outpatient area served as a breakwater for hospitals, cared for the large number of coronary patients, made a difference during the vaccination and helped with tests. A bonus is “appropriate and necessary”. He suggested at least one tax-free bonus as a “reserve position” that could be paid by employers.

The criticisms also came from hospitals and nurses, it was mainly about the distribution within the groups of beneficiaries. The German Hospital Society has appealed to the legislature to increase funds in order to solve the delimitation problems. Ulrike Döring, German Nursing Council, finds the nursing bonus in its current form “very unfair”. In doing so, she refers to the specified factors on which personnel should receive money on which departments.

Health insurance companies have offered today to manage the allocation of funds as for the latest premiums. They see the solution as viable. Contrary to the latest bonus payments, there are now details on who should receive the money, said Wulf-Dietrich Leber of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds. Does this make sense. He pointed out that there were certainly a hundred times more people who deserved a bounty. With the funds available, however, we are talking about a 20 euro bonus. “A billion is a billion,” he said.

Under the will of the federal government, nurses in hospitals and elderly care should be rewarded for their special commitment to the corona pandemic. The traffic light wants to make one billion euros available for this, of which 500 million for hospitals and care facilities.

Full-time employees in direct care and support will receive the full amount of the bonus of € 550 – “classified according to proximity to assistance, qualifications, amount of weekly working time”. Other employees who work in or for an authorized aged care facility and who spend at least 25 percent of their working time together with people in need receive up to € 370. Apprentices, volunteers, assistants in the social year of volunteering and temporary workers should also receive a bonus. The bonus is tax free.

The bonus must be paid by the employer starting June 30, at the latest by December 31, 2022. Employees of nursing services and nursing homes who have worked in geriatric care for at least three months between November 1 should benefit from it. 2020 and June 30, 2022 and are still busy as of June 30, 2022.

The 500 million euros for hospitals will be distributed to clinics that have had more than ten coronavirus-related ventilation cases between January and December last year. According to the ministry, 280,000 nurses in approximately 837 hospitals are expected to benefit. 95 percent of all COVID patients were treated in these. The federal government had already made an assistance bonus possible in 2020. At that time, the maximum amount was 1,000 euros. © May / aerzteblatt.de

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