Andreas Sturm attends the Ehrhart Schott School in Schwetzingen – Schwetzingen

Ehrhart Schott School is a competence center for modern education, training and higher education – Dr. Patrick Rapp, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Tourism, took a photo in Schwetzingen at the invitation of CDU member of parliament Andreas Sturm.

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“I think it’s great that you are taking the time to look at our school and discover the wide range of education and qualification opportunities,” said Principal and Director of Studies Thomas Edinger, welcoming the visit from Stuttgart. In the presence of the director of studies and city councilor Markus Bürger, city councilor Rita Erny and Thomas Speck, president of the Association of Vocational School Teachers (BLV), Edinger presented the commercial disciplines of metal, wood and automotive technology, mechatronics and care of the body .

“We have a large base and are very well supported by the Rhein-Neckar district. About 950 students are currently enrolled with us and our staff consists of 80 teachers. There is a lot to be found here, including high-tech jobs. For me it is important that the social component is also taken into account and that technology is also combined with socio-ethical components “, says Edinger, theologian.

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When asked by Rapps and Sturms about the education of Ukrainian refugees, the principal said he was in close consultation with the Mannheim State Education Authority and that the numbers were still very manageable. Edinger says: “The school system in Ukraine is in good condition, they are at least as advanced in terms of digital technology as we are.” Thomas Speck agrees: “Vocational schools can cope well with the current situation. General schools have also been opened. 5,000 Ukrainian students have been admitted across the country, 500 of them in vocational schools.”

During the tour of the school building, the “School of Tomorrow” was visited: the aim here is for pupils to tackle the subject independently in the digital classroom in preparation for training or studies.

After the visit to the school, the two CDU MPs held an information meeting with the mayor Dr. René Pöltl, Mayor Matthias Steffan and head of office Wolfgang Leberecht on the concept of marketing and tourism 2025. The topics of digitization, climate protection and accessibility were also discussed.

On the trail of greenhouse gases

Politicians from the aerospace company Hoerner & Sulger, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, discovered that it is possible to have direct contact with space from Schlossplatz. Dr. Hartmut Henkel and Dr. Josef Dalcolmo, who is managing director together with Ute von Hoerner, introduced the medium-sized company, which employs 26 experts. “By the way, we are looking for employees, there is no shortage of projects,” said Henkel, who has placed numerous orders in detail. Among other things, the control and piloting electronics of the small Franco-German satellite Merlin, which from 2027 will detect and monitor the greenhouse gas methane, comes from Schwetzingen. Henkel: “Our focus is on space electronics and we are very good at that. In space, everything has to work for a long time and withstand the conditions of radiation. A small particle that could be worth two or three euros for a cell phone costs 70,000 for the space ”.bu zg /

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