Desperate Attendor City: Hardly any refugee apartments

New refugees from Ukraine arrive in the Hanseatic city every day. And despite the enormous willingness to help, despair grows in the town hall.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, there has been underground land in many municipalities. New refugees arrive in communities every day, either via an official distribution key or privately. Completely exhausted and not infrequently traumatized, these refugees first flock to town halls to seek housing and apply for funds under the Refugee Asylum Seeker Act. This is no different in Attendorn than in many other municipalities.

And despite the overwhelming willingness to help Attendorn citizens providing private living spaces, the city is increasingly reaching its limits. Although Christiane Plugge has received around 70 offers of accommodation so far, from a single room to a holiday apartment, the head of the social welfare office is desperate for other citizens who want and can help and offer rooms or apartments, temporarily. or permanently.

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Because this week alone, about 30 new refugees have arrived in the Hanseatic city outside of official funds with the help of private or entrepreneurial initiatives. According to the distribution key, which seems to change every hour, the city is expected to welcome another 40 people. The space in the municipal housing is now almost exhausted. In other words, the city needs private living space – and it needs it now.

Tailor-made research

The fact of the matter is that the city is watching very closely the allocation of apartments and adapting the accommodation to the needs of refugees and landlords. Plugge makes no secret of the fact that this approach entails difficulties: “Every landlord has certain wishes. Some landlords do not want to have smokers with them, some apartments are not suitable for children or are not barrier-free, for example “, gives examples the head of the social assistance department. His simple calculation: the higher the supply of private accommodation, the greater the chance of finding the right apartment for the Ukrainian refugee family.

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The city itself not only acts as an intermediary, but also as a tenant and pays the owner on the basis of the rent index. A corresponding contract will be drawn up for this purpose. Incidentally, the city wants to remain active as a housing provider after June 1, when most refugees will no longer receive their money from the city (through the Asylum Seeker Refugee Act) but from the employment center. However, those who have fled must also be registered, who could move to Germany for six months without a visa.

With all these worries, less than all the refugees themselves give Plugge a headache: “The Ukrainians are working hard to quickly find a foothold here. The children should go to our schools immediately and many refugees are looking for work ”. A young woman from the devastated country, who studied English and German in Ukraine after the war began, has to help with the placement from mid-May at Attendor è and starts here as an interpreter. You will surely then be able to help with the urgently needed apartment arrangement.

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