Ludwigshafen: revised solution and more places: kindergarten will move to school for about three years

Now it is certain: the new interim solution for the St. Michael Catholic Kindergarten in the new building is the original improved solution in the Sernatingen school. Now the entire first floor of the school extension is in preparation for kindergarten. The board made the decision at its meeting on Tuesday evening. On the first floor, four groups instead of the previous three should be possible for the new kindergarten year. There are restrictions for all involved and the decision was again preceded by a long discussion.

Mayor Matthias Weckbach presented the variants that had been considered at the previous meeting due to the circumstances with the increase in building prices and the new program. Using a table, he also indicated how the number of children to be cared for will develop over the next few years.

How the revised solution works

Upgrading the old building in St. Michael would have been an option, but was ruled out. Weckbach called the building “a time bomb because of the sewer pipes”. The school’s sanitary facilities had already been refurbished before the debate on a new solution opened in early April. Weckbach said he has now gone through the school rooms with Principal Patrick Rupp.

He listed what temporary conversions could be considered so that the school, which has two classes in all classes, can function in space over the next three years. For example, the closet could be converted into a classroom and a storage container placed for this purpose in the school. Other rooms may be temporarily changed. “It’s not great, I know, but it’s doable,” Weckbach summed up.

He also explained that if there were ten refugee children in the school, a special class could be formed. The unpredictable number of possible children had been a point in the previous session as to why school may no longer be possible as an interim solution for kindergarten.

The new construction of the San Michele kindergarten will start later.

The new construction of the San Michele kindergarten will start later. | Image: Löffler, Ramona

The school reclaims the rooms in three years

The kindergarten should have five rooms including a corridor, so that there is room in the corridor for exercise or any food. Everything would then be separated in such a way that the small children would be left alone. “In terms of infrastructure, it would be ideal. This would give us the perfect solution for two or three years. So the school would have its own rooms again, “says Weckbach. It could start with four groups in the fall. The previous kindergarten has three groups and the new building will have five groups.

The deputy director of the headquarters, Bettina Donath, added that with the interim solution it was not possible to continue assistance, but only until 2 pm. There is also lunch for fewer children than before and more should be installed. toilets for small children in groups of four. A group has a maximum of 25 children, so there are up to 100 in total. However, the necessary staff is still needed for a fourth group. In general, the operating permit for kindergarten groups in the school building must also be clarified.

And principal Patrick Rupp pointed out that if the school building’s warehouses were to be moved into containers, care should be taken to ensure that nothing was damaged during storage. The teaching materials are of high quality.

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How should the interim solution be during the new building from the point of view of the San Michele kindergarten

Kindergarten CEO Michaela Gesell (left) and Kindergarten Director Claudia Böttinger stand in front of boxes that have already been ...

Container modules would be too expensive

Although everything was already moving towards the scholastic variant and the rector and the church promoting the asylum had signaled their approval, the mayor outlined the remaining options. The container modules have been tested, but would cost around 744,000 euros. So this was eliminated. Converted rooms in the former Löwen would be possible, but Weckbach pointed out, among other things, the difficult pick-up / handover situation in front of the building.

A car for a forest kindergarten group is not that expensive at 120,000 euros. This is an alternative if the number of children to care for increases, he added. The community is already looking into potential sites.

Transitional Restrictions

When asked by Petra Haberstroh (free voters), Bettina Donath explained that day care required a pure bedroom. As for the food, it also emerged that the tables and chairs in the canteen are too big for the kindergarten children and it is not possible to constantly swap meals in turns.

Alessandro Ribaudo (CDU) intervened that it is always possible for children to eat the snack they have brought with them, even if there is not a hot meal for everyone: “It is more important that we can offer a place for all children.”

Asylum CEO Michaela Gesell from the sorting room of Catholic parishes and the director of the asylum ...

Kindergarten CEO Michaela Gesell from the Catholic Parish Settlement Office and Kindergarten Director Claudia Böttinger are faced with boxes that would be ready for the transfer of St. Michael Kindergarten. | Image: Löffler, Ramona

What do the advice on forest nurseries say

Despite these restrictions, Michael Koch (CDU) said he saw moving kindergarten to school as the far better solution: “This would give us a reasonable interim solution for three years until the new kindergarten is ready.” . forest nursery school, in order to guarantee places for all children if the others are not enough. Ribaudo also pointed out that according to the calculations a total of over 100 children would need childcare places in Ludwigshafen as of 2024. It would be nice to be prepared for this with a group of forest nurseries. Weckbach explained that an independent sponsor was needed, as neither the church nor the community could run a kindergarten in the woods. Also, the new building will have five groups, he said.

Alwin Honstetter (CDU) distanced himself from the idea of ​​a kindergarten in the woods. It is still too early to think about it: “Along with the Bodman Kindergarten, there are enough places.” This sparked a discussion, as according to Honstetter, Bodman would have empty seats in the future, while in Ludwigshafen there would be too few, but Ribaudo noted, this is useless if parents are unwilling to take their children from Ludwigshafen to Bodman. Weckbach ruled that the community would have to be open if a sponsor for the asylum forest was found. Families from other communities may also be interested in something like this. Christoph Leiz (Verdi) thought that a nursery in the forest should be kept in mind.

Esther Moll (Free Electors) also addressed the requirements of a forest asylum. “A kindergarten in the forest is not just about putting down something and meeting. This is based on a pedagogical concept with specially trained educators. Either you have to do it right or not at all, “she said.

The San Michele kindergarten.

The San Michele kindergarten. | Image: Löffler, Ramona

Council decision and calendar

The decision for the transitional solution from autumn on an entire school level was finally unanimous. The councils also authorized the local government to invest quickly to allow the construction of additional toilets and all that is needed.

It is not yet clear when exactly the demolition and new construction of San Michele will begin. The council had already decided at the beginning of April to postpone everything and restart the race at the end of the year or in 2023.


As the St. Michael Catholic Kindergarten building next to the Ludwigshafen Community Center is dilapidated, the city council decided to build a new building for around 5.5 million euros. It was actually planned that the existing groups would be housed in the rooms of the Sernatingen school from Pentecost. However, due to the Ukrainian crisis, construction prices have risen sharply and the council postponed the program to the beginning of April. The interim solution for the construction period was also questioned. (lof)

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