North Rhine-Westphalia Architecture Day

June 18 and 19 2022 is “Architecture Day” in North Rhine-Westphalia. In 76 cities and communities, those interested in architecture can visit 139 new buildings, neighborhoods, gardens and private parks and exchange ideas with designers.

“We all hope that people in our state will finally have the opportunity to experience architecture on site and exchange ideas with architects personally,” explains Ernst Uhing, president of the NRW Chamber of Architects. The Day of Architecture is a good opportunity to bring together interested experts and laymen and to put architecture at the center of a large audience for a weekend.

The national motto of the Day of Architecture this time is »Architecture builds the future«. Because design and construction are always done with responsibility for future generations, explains Chamber President Uhing. »What we – architects and our clients – create today must contain the promise of a better tomorrow. This applies to aspects of climate justice, as well as social issues and building culture. “The fact that our built environment, neighborhoods and residential buildings offer protection for people and a home will be made clear to us in the first half of the year. 2022 than it has been for a long time no more.

Welcomehaus – Residential building for young professionals, Espelkamp. Architecture: Espelkamp development community. Photo: Patzsch

Important contribution to Baukultur’s speech

The “Day of Architecture” is already celebrating its 27th anniversary in NRW. In recent years, many thousands of architecture enthusiasts and interested in construction have left over the weekend of June to learn about design trends and technical developments in construction and living and to take the opportunity to exchange ideas with designers. Thanks to the wide media coverage, the buildings presented are also noticed by a large audience. The House of Architects of North Rhine-Westphalia therefore considers Architecture Day an important contribution to the discourse on building culture in Germany.

The last two “Architecture Days” in pandemic conditions have shown that architectural communication is also possible in an exciting way through digital media and in virtual space. The North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Architects has therefore once again invited the participating architectural firms to present their works in digital form – in video clips, virtual tours or podcasts.

Trends and themes 2022

Architecture Day always reflects social developments. Climate protection remains a key issue, which is reflected, inter alia, in the conversion and further use of the existing building, as well as in energy-saving renovation measures. Numerous examples can be viewed on site on the occasion of the Architecture Day in North Rhine-Westphalia. Educational buildings, social and collective housing projects, densification, accessibility and redevelopment, as well as the sophisticated design of gardens and green areas are some of the specific construction activities that can be seen in the TdA 2022 buildings. important source of inspiration for visitors.

Kindergarten and parish house St. Konrad, Neuss. Architecture: Paul Böhm architecture studio, Cologne. Photo: Lukas Roth / Cologne

National date 25./26. June

The “Day of Architecture” has firmly established itself nationally as an architectural event before the start of the summer holidays. Architects, interior designers, landscape architects and urban planners are on site to present new or renovated buildings together with their clients, to explain the particularities of the architecture and to answer visitors’ questions. The buildings in North Rhine-Westphalia built in the past five years will be presented; an eight-year period applies to landscape architecture and urban planning objects.

Nationally, the “Architecture Day” will take place this year on 25/26. June 2022 in North Rhine-Westphalia was brought forward to the penultimate weekend of June due to the early start of the school holidays.

Internet catalog and database

From the beginning of May, all objects will be accessible via an Internet database with photos and a short description, as well as the expected opening times at

The North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Architects also presents all buildings and objects for “Architecture Day 2022” in a comprehensive brochure, which can be obtained free of charge from …

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