These are the winners of the MiSch discoverers 2022

Cheers and streamers – At the MiSch-Entdecker awards ceremony on Thursday, there was a real quarrel in the primary school classes. Teachers, classrooms and the organizing team of the media project came together via a video link. The children enthusiastically followed whoever won one of the prizes.

Over several weeks, 1,892 children of grades 3 and 4 received the Kieler Nachrichten or Segeberger Zeitung at school or read the KN and SZ e-paper.

MiSch creative competition with four categories

The discoverers also diligently wrote articles, did manual work, produced videos and photos. Because MiSch-Höhepunkt is a creative competition in which children submit their contributions in the categories photo, text, video / audio and miscellaneous. This year’s motto: “Come, we find a treasure”.

During the project, however, an event shook the world: suddenly the newspapers were full of news about the Russian aggressive war against Ukraine. No wonder many posts revolved around this topic.

Winning photo of the Strohbrück rainbow school

The same goes for the winning photo: class 4 of the Strahbrück Rainbow School sent a clear signal against the war with their photo “Our Treasure”. In the center is a large symbol of peace in the colors of the rainbow.

All around children can be seen with self-designed KN brochures. “The war theme has been in the newspapers a lot in recent weeks. This was what worried me the most, ”explained a student at the awards ceremony. The class was awarded hula hoops, Frisbee, skipping ropes and break balls.

Award for the video of the 4th of the Johanna Mestorf School

But the motto could also draw attention to other things. Grade 4a of the Johanna Mestorf School in Kiel was very interested in the land and its destruction. “The Real Treasure” is the name of his animated film, which won the award in the video / audio category.

Grade 4a of the Johanna Mestorf School in Kiel won the award for their contribution in the video / audio category, the cartoon “The Real Treasure”. Here are screenshots of some scenes.
Source: Misch Blog screenshot

The video was cut from more than 70 self-painted images, as explained by teacher Dirk Breede. The screenplay was written by student Carolin in five days: “I wrote during the day and typed in the evening,” she said. The same children set the story of an unexpected space flight to music. “Overall, it turned out to be a great team effort,” says Breede.

The award for the film was a coupon for a visit to the pool for the whole class.

Best text by Momme of the 4d class at Theodor-Heuss-School

Winner in the Text category: Momme from class 4d at Theodor-Heuss-School in Kiel.
Source: Antje Schrandt

Earth also played a role for Momme of class 4d at Theodor-Heuss-School in Kiel. She won the prize in this category with her text “About the greatest treasures of the world …”.

Momme offers a profound vision of what is important to him: in addition to protecting the climate and the environment, there are his family, friends, football and art, “because without them I would not be able to live”. He didn’t expect to win, he said. “I wrote for a day, it was homework, and then we uploaded it to the blog.” He won a battle for the entire class at Kiel’s Café Fiedler.

The 3b tour guide from Holtenau wins

The winner in the Miscellaneous category was the tour guide “Come on, we’ll find a treasure in Holtenau” from class 3b of the Kiel-Holtenau elementary school. The prize was a visit to the Meyer ice cream parlor in Altenholz.

Grade 3b of Kiel-Holtenau Primary School won the prize in the Miscellaneous category for their contribution to the creative competition: a tour guide with a quiz about their district. Here you can see the title page with the mascots of the class accompanying the trip.
Source: Misch Blog screenshot

The children’s treasures are all in their district. Accompanied by their two mascots, the third-graders lead them to the places of interest, but add one more thing: readers can demonstrate if they were paying attention and check their new knowledge in a quiz: the decisive word leads to treasure. “We put a lot of effort into it and it took several weeks to do it,” said one student.

All entries and of course the four winners can be found on the MiSch blog:

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