Gelsenkirchen: The school with six classes is based on Consol

A secondary school is under construction on Consol and the shortage of guardians in Gelsenkirchen is also expected to end. Read more about it here.

In Bismarck in the area of ex suspended bench Consol should another six-tier secondary school be built for Gelsenkirchen. Education committee members unanimously agreed on Thursday evening. The committee left open whether it was a middle school or a middle school. For the next meeting in early June, the education administration wants to collect key data on the number of primary school pupils, course changing students and parental enrollment behavior and, based on the data, present a proposal for the type of school to the approval commission. Read about it: Most of the students have applied for these schools

No decision yet on the type of school in Bismarck

Klaus Hermandling (CDU) and Bernadette Beets (FDP) referred to their assessment of the need for places in secondary school, AfD spokesperson Hartmut Preuss had already submitted an application for the meeting to determine a secondary school. Apart from the AfD, however, no parliamentary group wanted to make this decision before all key data were available. read also: Global schools reject 215 children

Parent Representative: The will of the parents speaks clearly for a global school

Parent Representative Alexandra Themann stressed that parents would speak out clearly in favor of a global school. According to Themann, almost all parents whose child does not receive a recommendation for a gymnasium or a place in a gymnasium would like their child to have a place in a middle school. In fact, the technical committee has already decided to build another comprehensive school in addition to the cultural school south of the canal. Whether this will be on the Consol site or elsewhere, and where the third secondary school will be built, what kind of school it will be, all of this is still open. About this: The city now wants to plan a new construction on its own

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Nothing stands in the way of a council decision to build a secondary school on the Consol on 12 May and the start of the related preliminary design. However, the majority of the committee has not (yet) accepted the former Gelsendienst site on Junkerweg proposed by the administration as the school’s location. The Southern District Council, the first committee to be involved, had first recommended clarifying the traffic situation in the area or ensuring improvement. Head of Education Anne Heselhaus announced that the criticized traffic situation and its improvement will be clarified in order to be able to present a better decision basis for the committee at the June meeting of the Education Committee. About this: Where the new schools are to be built

Another topic in the committee was the precarious supply of carers and carers in schools, which the WAZ has also reported repeatedly. The limit on overtime and several vacancies had led to problems with the use of the gym by the clubs and the parents’ meetings could not take place in the last hours of the afternoon as originally requested. In some cases, the school management had to take over the closing service. About this: Because the janitors don’t open the doors

The caretaker’s pool is designed to relieve distress in the evening

Construction services personnel report to the construction department. The responsible group leader explained the corset of the regulation of working hours and the distribution of shifts, which, however, did not convince all members of the committee. David Fischer (Verdi) recalled his parliamentary group’s suggestion to place the area in the education department to facilitate coordination in schools. Head of Department Heselhaus announced that a volunteer pool would be established for the team and that vacancies would be filled quickly to make deployments more flexible.

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