German lesson for Ukrainian children at Wismar Hanse School

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German lesson for children from Ukraine at Wismar school

Wismar.The war in Ukraine and the accompanying refugee movements also affect the schools of Wismar. So far, 75 pupils have been admitted to the five elementary schools run by the Hanseatic city (Reuter, Seeblick, Tarnow, Friedenshof, Hanseatic League) (as of April 26).

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Intensive promotion of the German language

In the Hanse Primary School, which opened last summer in Mayor-Haupt-Strasse, a classroom has now been set up with the main aim of offering intensive support in learning the German language. “There are currently 28 students in this class. All other elementary school students were integrated into the existing classrooms of the schools, “said Mayor Thomas Beyer (SPD).

German offer for Ukrainians even at the higher levels

The Hanseatic city also operates two secondary schools, the Regional Brecht School and the Ostsee School. So far 71 students have been admitted (as of April 26). Ukrainian girls and boys attending these two schools will also receive more support in German. In addition, two classrooms in the Hanse Primary School have been equipped for intensive support in the acquisition of the German language. This means that an additional 56 school places for grades fifth to ninth are available at short notice. The classes are not yet formed. According to the mayor, this is the responsibility of the school authorities.

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Read more after the announcement

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According to Beyer, there is currently still free capacity available at every grade in Hanseatic City-sponsored schools, so that short-term applications or applications for admission can be implemented. Beyer: “Should additional capabilities become necessary, the administration is currently discussing various options to create them on short notice and based on requirements.”

At the moment it is not foreseeable how many children and young people will live with their families in the Hanseatic city of Wismar and apply for admission to the school.

2,100 Ukrainian refugees in northwestern Mecklenburg

The district of northwestern Mecklenburg informed this week that there are currently around 2,100 Ukrainian refugees in northwestern Mecklenburg. The number fluctuates as many leave the district and new ones arrive.

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The sports hall of the Wismar vocational school is the first reception facility in northwestern Mecklenburg. The district administration is trying to distribute refugees throughout the district so that individual places are not overloaded, says Beyer, who describes cooperation with the district as “extremely good”.

Wobau and the cooperatives provide apartments

When refugees are admitted to Wismar, apartments belonging to cooperatives and the municipal housing association are used, among other things. In Wobau, 21 apartments are currently being rented to Ukrainian refugees. Another 35 questions would be presented.

MV wants to hire replacements for the schools

Speaking of schools, the Ministry of Education announced Thursday that around 2,140 Ukrainian students are currently enrolled in MV for publicly funded general education and vocational schools. To best accompany and support them, the country wants to hire additional external representatives.

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Read more after the announcement

All information on the application and the recruitment process will be published in multiple languages ​​at the beginning of May on the career portal for school staff at

Minister of Education Simone Oldenburg (Die Linke). “When Ukrainian teachers teach in our schools, they facilitate the settlement of children and young refugees. By appointing external alternate teachers, we will be able to hire additional staff at our schools in an unbureaucratic and flexible way”.

By Heiko Hoffmann

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