Supply cannot be managed only with doctors / Greens want to train more doctors in rural areas / Doctors with compulsory health insurance are asking for a digitization package like hospitals

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“The clear message is: we need to spend more money,” was Mehrdad Mostofizadeh (Greens) ‘s assessment of the hospital investments the new state government would have to face after the NRW state elections on May 15. The health policy spokesperson for the NRW state parliamentary group is a guest on the health television program “We choose health – state elections in NRW”. There he discusses with Thomas Müller, board member of the Westfalia-Lippe Association of Medical Examiners (KVWL) and Dr. Oliver Funken, president of the North Rhine General Practitioners Association and board member of the North Rhine Medical Association. Funken is currently extremely critical of data exchange in the healthcare sector: “The telematics infrastructure in its current form can be buried. This is the core message of all resident doctors.” The talk on health policy will be broadcast on linear television on Sunday at 1pm and is already available on YouTube (

Funken calls for a restart for the networking of IT systems in the healthcare sector. “Now an improvement is expected, which will then make a second crutch by 2025, and then have a completely different telematics infrastructure in 2025. This means: we now have a lot of money that we are basically investing in desolate structures. Money should be saved and invested. reasonably in other structures “. Müller also sees that private practice doctors are not sufficiently supported by politicians when it comes to digitization: “The Hospital Future Act, digitization in hospitals was promoted there. It is very obvious that we also promote this for the outpatient area, that we are in a real collaboration between outpatient and inpatient in this field of digitization. ”

Lack of appreciation for training teams was complained

Other concerns that drive the two representatives of the outpatient sector concern young people, especially in rural areas. To remedy this, health politician Mostofizadeh advocates the training of more students in rural areas “and not just in the universities of Münster and Bielefeld. My life experience shows that people only become aware when they have been in a certain place. establish or are willing to work there “. However, general practitioner Funken believes there is no more time for this: “You will no longer be able to manage care if you only rely on doctors.” One solution is to better qualify medical assistants (MFA) in doctors’ offices so that they can be given more assignments.

MFA had already achieved tremendous results during the corona pandemic, so far without any financial or political appreciation, Müller adds. With a poster campaign, the KVWL draws attention to the following: “We are campaigning for these medical assistants to get the appreciation they deserve from politicians.” For more than two years, the MAE “fought on the front line, helped doctors, helped citizens, vaccinated them, tested them, made everything possible”.

The green politician criticizes the 2-pillar model in treatment

For health politician Mehrdad Mostofizadeh, action is also needed in the area of ​​long-term care and long-term care insurance: “There are still some injustices within insurance for long-term care, i.e. between private long-term care insurance and mandatory long-term care insurance. Until recently, those who had compulsory care insurance in the long run they were often able to get a normal pension relatively quickly in social terms. You have to change that, that’s not fair. ”

The talk is the fourth show of the current season of “We choose health”. In an exchange with state politicians and industry experts, Health TV examines the health policies for which the CDU, SPD, FDP, Greens and Left Party are campaigning in the NRW elections on May 15, 2022.

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“We Choose Health – State Elections in NRW”, Green Health Policy Goals, Sunday, May 1, 2022, 1:00 pm (repeat Monday, 7:00 pm), in advance on YouTube ( .


Left Party Goals for State Elections

“Let’s choose health – state elections in NRW”, left-wing health policy goals, Sunday 8 May 2022, 1:00 pm

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