The 9 euro ticket is coming! Who sells it and what happens to your monthly subscription

The 9 euro ticket is valid from 1st June and will be abolished again from 31st August. It is part of the federal government’s multi-billion dollar aid package.

Consumers can use the ticket until the end of the month. You will then need to purchase a new ticket for the following month. If you want to use the cheapest public transport ticket for the entire discount period from the beginning of June to the end of August, you pay a total of 27 euros for the three months.

Interested parties should also note that the 9 euro ticket is always issued for the respective calendar month based on the current status. So, if you buy the 9 euro ticket in mid-June, you can probably only use it until the end of June.

The presale for 9 euro tickets starts in May

Transport companies from several major cities are already starting to sell the 9-euro ticket early from mid-May. There is a strong demand for tickets in the cities.

Where can I buy the ticket?

Federal states and responsible transport companies want to get the ticket to consumers as easily as possible. Anyone wishing to buy the 9 euro ticket should be able to buy it from the machines, at the counter, from bus and train employees and through the app.

What happens to my monthly subscription?

As a rule, the subscription continues and the monthly pass is therefore considered a 9 euro ticket.

If commuters pay their bus and train pass monthly via bank account, the responsible company charges only nine euros each for the months of June, July and August (or 27 euros for three months). This is the case, for example, in Munich, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Stuttgart and other cities.

Consumers should clarify in advance whether a discount will be granted on the monthly ticket for the three months. FOCUS Online says: As a rule, all transport companies in Germany pass the discount on to their customers.

Those who pre-paid the monthly ticket will receive the refund or the free months.

What applies to the job ticket?

As a rule, the employer pays the monthly subscription for the job ticket. The same is true here: the discount is passed on. The monthly card automatically becomes a 9 euro ticket for the months of June, July and August.

Where can I use the 9 euro ticket?

The special ticket is valid for all German local transport. For example, if you buy the 9 euro ticket in Berlin, you can use it on all subways, suburban trains, trams and buses in all German cities.

Can I also travel through Germany with the 9 euro ticket?

Yes and no. The 9 euro ticket is valid only for local passenger rail transport. So you can travel all over Germany if you use the regional train (RB), the regional express (RE) or the interregioexpress (IRE). The 9 euro ticket is valid only in 2nd class.

If you want to go on summer holidays with the 9 euro ticket, you have to take a lot of time with you.

  • Example: If you want to go from Munich to Berlin, you have to contend with a driving time of ten hours. With the ICE, the journey takes about four hours.

If you want to travel with Deutsche Bahn InterCity or InterCityExpress, you still need an additional train ticket. The 9 euro ticket is also not valid with third party suppliers such as the Austrian ÖBB, FlixTrain, Westbahn, Regiojet, Trenitalia or the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).

What applies to children?

Children under 6 travel for free.

Children from 6 years old pay 9 euros for the 9 euros ticket as adults. It therefore applies to the calendar month and to German local transport. There are no additional child saver tickets.

Can I take the bike with me with the 9 euro ticket?

This is probably not possible.

When asked about the transport companies in Berlin and Munich, he replied: “Customers will probably need a special ticket to take a bicycle with them.”

Is chaos imminent with the issuance of the 9 euro ticket and buses and trains fill up?

It could be that there are longer waiting times at the service counters and at the machines upon departure. FOCUS Online recommends: Where possible, consumers should use the responsible transport company app.

There is also a presale starting in May. The sooner you deal with the 9 euro ticket, the better.

It can actually get busier than usual on buses and trains in June, July and August.