The sponsors are linked to the Rheda-Wiedenbrücker Park

The Flora Park sponsors met for the first time in the town hall.

Rheda-Wiedenbrück (eph) – First for the members of the Flora Westfalica association: Three years after their previous meeting – at that time still in the old Reethus – they recently got together again personally for their annual meeting – for the first time in The town hall. President Elisabeth Witte was pleased with the positive response from the Flora sponsors. Of the current 980 members, including seven new ones, 280 have come to hear from the board of directors and the management of Flora the developments of the last year and the events planned for 2022. The gathering of the Flora family was musically framed by the Langenberger Wind Orchestra under the direction of Ute Großekathöfer.

Witte praises “hardworking botanists and brownies”

Due to the pandemic, activities in 2021 were limited. The club’s planned trip to Flanders had to be canceled again. It should be recovered by next September. The park’s team of 14 volunteers was even more active. Elisabeth Witte spoke of “hardworking botanists and elves” who took care of the plants, the mulching, the care of the nests and the building of the shoals, among other things. Key word “plants”: the association uses most of its membership proceeds for the so-called mutable flora. In other words: the seasonal planting of the borders in the park. According to managing director Sebastian Siefert, the full-time team at Flora-Westfalica-GmbH used the rather quiet crown stage to develop ideas for interesting event formats and tourism offers.

In this context, Siefert defined “cultural summer 2021” with the classical music concert at Rheda Castle and the electronic music festival at the Hubertushalle in Batenhorst as highlights. Both events, such as the Long Night in the Park, will continue this year. The “Flora in concert” outdoor event is scheduled for Saturday 27 August in the town hall square of Rheda. The CCR Revival Band will warm the audience with original songs by their idols from the 70s.

No fireworks at the park’s end of summer

The “Feuer und Flamme” festival, which usually closes the summer of flora at the end of August, will not take place in 2022. In addition to the cabaret series “Sixpack” and the theater series “The Big Seven”, the managing director by Flora Siefert drew attention to three events that should serve different interests: on Saturday 26 November, the journalist, TV presenter and entertainer Reinhold Beckmann be in the Stadthalle from his business card, on Sunday 11 December, the Original Egerländer will knock The hearts of all lovers of popular music are stronger and on Tuesday 27 December Tom Gaebel wants to put his listeners in the Christmas spirit with “Christmas swing”.

Harz: “Fresh blood and new ideas”

The Rheda-Wiedenbrücker Flora-Förderverein reports staff changes from its board. Johannes Hüser, Ulrich Pfluger and Wilhelm Dick were eliminated and greeted each other with words of thanks. After the elections, the current board members are: Elisabeth Witte (president), Anne Effenberger, Maximilian Fürst zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg and Hans Carree jun. (vice president), Werner Twent and Michael Deitert (treasurer), Ingo Besselmann and Claudia Schöttke (councilor). “Fresh blood and new ideas” is to provide, according to Flora’s supervisory board member Ralf Harz, a newly formed advisory board. This is made up of Torben Gertler, Hans-Jürgen Mader and Rainer Stadtler, who were unanimously elected to office.

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