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The July flood destroyed the old BMX hall in Birresborn. So the parents built a new park on their own. The BMX elite is now being trained there.

With helmets, protective gloves and screeching tires, the young people run up and down the ramps of the BMX park. They jump in the air, spin around their own axis or backflip the wheel.

Today only the boys are at the BMX park, but the Birresborner girls have also been caught in BMX fever over the years: since 2014 the parents had built their own sports hall, but much was destroyed by the July flood.

“The flood was incomprehensible. The room was more than a meter underwater. You can’t even imagine how these huge, heavy ramps floated in the area.”

The fact that a new BMX park can officially reopen in a different location on Saturday is once again thanks to dedicated parents.

They worked at the park every free minute, says Guido Clemens, who also worked every Saturday: “We just wanted to build something new, but not in the old place. The risk of flooding is still there. We didn’t want to do it again.” .

New park according to your wishes

The municipality has made the old unused tennis court available for a small rent. With the help of donations and subsidies, the parents built the new park according to their children’s wishes.

There are many craftsmen among the parents who know how to build ramps safely. They also have good contacts in France, where the best parks are, says Clemens: “There you steal a lot with your eyes.”

In this regard, the flooding was also positive, think: “Before we always expanded the hall when there was money. Now we have been able to design the park the way we imagined it from the beginning.”

Birresborn is a team forge

His son Tom Clemens also thinks he’s great: “There are a lot more opportunities for us now.” He should know: Tom is part of the German national BMX team and has been riding his bike every day for years.

Over the past three years, the specially founded sports club has also been represented in international competitions. There are now two trained BMX instructors. Children and young people from Koblenz, Bonn and Darmstadt also joined the association.

“We didn’t expect what would happen when we opened the BMX room. The boys and girls should have done it for fun, they still do it today. But now we have eight riders on the national team and one on the national team.”

Birresborn becomes a state BMX base

When the park officially opens on Saturday, representatives from the state sports association will also arrive, as the Birresborn BMX park will become the state BMX base. The park is one of the largest in Rhineland-Palatinate, says Clemens.

And since there is no park in Germany where international competitions take place, the Birresborn park comes as close as possible to an international BMX park.

plans for the future

This is also the long-term goal: not this year, because the place has just been completed. But in the next few years, national and international competitions should be able to take place here.

And the BMX park itself is not finished yet: on an area the same size as the park just built, additional ramps are planned for more specific training.

A ceiling is provided so that training can continue during the cold months. In addition, a “Schnitzelgrube” must be created. This is filled with bits of foam that you can fall into while exercising without injuring yourself.

First and foremost, everyone is delighted that Birresborn’s children and young people can whiz down the ramps and fly back into the air on their BMX bikes.

“First of all, we’re looking forward to the opening ceremony. After all, you want to show what you’ve achieved.”

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