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For more than two months Putin’s bloody war has raged in Ukraine: bombing residential buildings, raping, torturing and killing civilians. Atrocities and war crimes never end, more and more every day.

In the arsenal of horrors of the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin (69): executions of prisoners of war, use of prohibited ammunition, starvation of people in besieged Mariupol, for example, indiscriminate bombing of residential buildings. Order: War Crimes!

A US official told the United Nations on Wednesday, according to Axios portal, citing “credible information” that a Russian military unit in the Donetsk region had “executed Ukrainians who wanted to surrender instead of arresting them.”

This way of dealing with human life was already evident more than once during the war. In the Butscha massacre: civilians, some with their hands tied behind their backs, were targeted by Russian soldiers – intercepted radio messages document these atrocities.

After the massacre: a dead man lies on a dirt road on the outskirts of KievFoto: Giorgos Moutafis

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After the massacre: a dead man lies on a dirt road on the outskirts of KievPhoto: Giorgos Moutafis

On 8 April, the regime bombed a refugee train station in Kramatorsk (Donetsk region) with cluster munitions, killing 60 civilians.

They only wanted one thing: to peacefully escape Putin’s bombs.

The remains of a rocket that hit Kramatorsk on 8 AprilFoto: ANATOLII STEPANOV/AFP

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The remains of a rocket that hit Kramatorsk on 8 April Photo: ANATOLII STEPANOV / AFP

According to Axios to the UN Security Council, Beth Van Schaack, the US ambassador for law enforcement to the world: “These images and reports suggest that these atrocities are not the result of a malicious entity or individuals; rather, they expose a disturbing pattern of systematic abuse in all areas where Russian forces are involved ”.

Plain text: Systematic war crimes, systematic violations of international law – ordered by Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin.

Putin’s war crimes

But the list is much longer: it shows Putin’s inhumanity and bestiality:

▶ ︎ Attack on hospitals: On Thursday there was a Russian attack on the Azovstal Steel Works field hospital. At least one soldier was killed and around 100 patients sustained further injuries, according to a report from Ukraine. According to the defenders, the hospital, which housed about 500 wounded and doctors, was attacked in a targeted manner. The information cannot be independently verified.

The Russian military repeatedly attacks hospitals in Ukraine, including the Mariupol maternity hospital. Attacks on hospitals are considered war crimes.

After the transfer of Russian troops from the outskirts of Kiev to eastern Ukraine, the full extent of the horror was revealed: In Butscha, coroners discovered ammunition in corpses, just like in World War I.

They found arrow-like metal bullets, which are very reminiscent of the infamous flechettes. Apparently, the metal darts were stuck in the grenades fired by the Russian artillery. Pathologists explained to the English “Guardian” that they mainly penetrated the victims’ heads and upper bodies.

Metal arrows are very thin and up to four centimeters longFoto: Sandstein/Wikipedia/Gemeinfrei

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Metal arrows are very thin and up to four centimeters longPhoto: Sandstein / Wikipedia / Public domain

“We found several very thin, nail-like objects in the bodies of men and women, as well as other colleagues of mine in the region,” Vladyslav Pirovskyi, a Ukrainian coroner, told the Guardian. “It is very difficult to find them in the body, they are too thin”.

► Sexual violence and torture: Russian soldiers rape women and children. Torture is also one of the tools used by the military for Putin’s war crimes.

TO Air raids on residential complexes Hundreds of people died in Kiev, Kharkiv and Kramatorsk. The attacks on a maternity hospital or a theater in Mariupol caused horror and are etched in the collective memory.

Images of total destruction: residential buildings in MariupolFoto: PAVEL KLIMOV/REUTERS

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Images of total destruction: residential buildings in MariupolPhoto: PAVEL KLIMOV / REUTERS

▶ ︎ In Manhush near Mariupol, a Mass grave with up to 9,000 deaths discovery. The mayor of the now almost completely destroyed city wrote on Telegram. Satellite images confirmed the discovery.

The hypothesis: this is where Putin buried his victims!

BEFORE (left): Registration is on March 19.  There are no excavations to see under the road.  AFTER (right): the same area, under the road the presumed mass grave (image Foto: /AP

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BEFORE (left): Registration is on March 19. There are no excavations to see under the road. AFTER (right): the same area, under the road the presumed mass grave (photo taken on April 3)Photo: / AP

► Starvation of the civilian population: Mariupol has been besieged by Russian troops since 1 March: the city is now almost completely occupied. Almost all of the buildings in the city were destroyed and people had to get by without food, water, electricity or medical supplies.

The dictator no longer let anything into the city, he literally let people starve.

► Forced hiring: According to Ukraine, Putin is now also forcing Ukrainians to go to war against their compatriots. If they refuse, they will be executed, it is said. De facto: forced recruitment under threat of execution.

► Deportations: According to Ukrainian sources, Mariupol’s 40,000 residents have been deported to Russia against their will, many of them to the Far East, far beyond Siberia.

► Kidnapping of children in Russia: Ukrainian children have been and are being kidnapped.

Use of prohibited weapons and ammunition

And that wasn’t all yet. Putin is also using banned weapons and ammunition against the Ukrainian population:

► Use of cluster bombs: According to “Amnesty International”, Russia used cluster munitions in Ukraine (in Kharkiv) in early March, which has been banned by 110 states, according to agreeing witnesses. The US also accuses the Kremlin of using it.

► Bombardment of residential areas with projectiles from mine clearance vehicles: Images are circulating on social media of UR-77 demining vehicles in Rubizhne, eastern Ukraine, bombing residential areas. Undoubtedly a war crime!

► Incendiary ammunition: On Thursday night, the Russian regime attacked the defenders of Avdiivka (north of Donetsk) with incendiary ammunition.

► Phosphorus bombs: According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the invaders are also using phosphorus bombs. He said almost a month ago: “This morning Russian phosphorus bombs were used, adults and children were killed again.”

There had previously been reports from the Luhansk region and the Kiev suburb of Irpin about the alleged use of phosphorus weapons.

They contain a highly toxic mixture of white phosphorus and rubber that burns at 1300 degrees on contact with oxygen. They are thrown like incendiary bombs. Their use against civilians and in urban areas is banned by a 1980 weapons convention. They can cause severe burns and poisoning. They are not expressly prohibited by international law.

US President Joe Biden (79) found two words for all these crimes of the past few days and weeks: war crimes and genocide!

Ukraine’s Attorney General Iryna Venediktova reported that her agency had launched more than 8,000 investigations into alleged violations of martial law. The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Karim Khan, referred to the record number of 43 countries that have commissioned his institution to investigate the situation in Ukraine.

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