From May there will be no more crown tests in Bavarian schools and nurseries

Bavaria is realigning the concept of the corona test in schools and childcare facilities from May 1: general tests will then be suspended, as announced by the State Chancellery after the Bavarian cabinet had broadcast a video. This takes into account the federal government’s new isolation and quarantine rules.

Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) said: “It makes no sense to continue testing if the isolation regulations are lifted.” Health ministers from the federal and state governments agreed on Monday that by May 1, infected persons and contact persons would usually have to be isolated or quarantined voluntarily and for a short period of time.

Corona test for another week after the Easter holidays

The previous test concept in Bavaria will be maintained until 30 April. “In this way, the transmission opportunities that often exist indoors in colder weather and experience has shown that the number of infections among schoolchildren can be effectively counteracted after the Easter holidays,” said the State Chancellery. . A further decrease in the number of infections is therefore expected by 1 May.

The Free State is not alone in taking this step: in Baden-Württemberg, the compulsory examination in schools only applies until the Easter holidays. Other federal states have also announced that they will abolish mandatory tests for schoolchildren.

Schools and crèches: so far three tests a week

Pupils in Bavaria are currently being tested three times a week. In grades one through six, these include two pooled PCR tests which are considered to be much more reliable than rapid tests. Further tests are performed after a case of infection in a classroom.

Kindergarten children also need to be tested three times a week. Parents are generally responsible for testing – they must present test certificates or written confirmation to daycare that they have negatively tested their child. If a corona infection is detected, all other children in the respective daycare group should be tested in the next five days of kindergarten. Parents receive authorization cards with which they can get free quick tests at the pharmacy.

Kitas can voluntarily continue testing the PCR pool

However, one option remains open for daycare beyond April: daycare centers can still offer pooled PCR testing “on a voluntary basis” for children until the end of August. According to the State Chancellery, a corresponding funding guideline from the Bavarian Family Ministry will be in place until then.

FDP: The exit makes sense

The FDP education expert in the state parliament, Matthias Fischbach, tweeted that the gradual and controlled exit from the measures made sense. He added: “I would not have believed that the state government was capable of such a rapid change of opinion.” FDP faction leader Martin Hagen rated the decision as “good news”.

AfD commends the end of the test requirement

The child and youth expert of the AfD parliamentary group, Jan Schiffers, reacted with satisfaction to the announced end of mandatory tests in schools and kindergartens. “The state government’s unfortunate crown policy has finally come to an end,” he said. His group is particularly happy for children and young people “who from May will no longer be harassed with senseless masks and test requirements”. Now you may want to focus on the lesson again.

Association of Philologists: Relief subject to change

According to the president of the Association of Bavarian Philologists, Michael Schwägerl, the interruption of school exams is a logical step if the quarantine and isolation requirements are also eliminated at the same time. “Teachers, school administrations and secretariats will breathe a sigh of relief: the time of the tests will finally be able to be reused for the didactic contents, and it will be a little easier to organize the final exams, already more complex due to the Corona”. . ”

However, this is subject to the condition that the virus behaves as expected and that the number of infections does not increase rapidly after the Easter holidays. Schwägerl warned: “Voluntarily wearing a mask in schools is the order of the day.”

Realschule teachers: “Schools are not test centers”

The president of the Bavarian Realschule Teachers’ Association, Jürgen Böhm, made a similar statement. He spoke of a right step: “Schools were not and are not testing centers! The introduction of pooled PCR testing in early March came at the wrong time and deprived schools of much time and nerves”, he complained. At the same time, Böhm advocated the use of protective masks in schools. “The abolition of the obligation of the mask in consideration of the still too high number of infections endangers the health of the school family and therefore the teaching in presence”.

The mask requirement has already disappeared

Since the beginning of last week, students and teachers no longer have to wear masks in the school building, either in the classroom or in meeting areas such as corridors, stairways and break rooms. Wherever the classes mix, however, the Ministry of Education recommends voluntarily wearing a protective mask.

After a confirmed case of infection in a classroom, it is expressly recommended to wear a mask in place for five days. According to Education Minister Michael Piazolo (Freie Wahler), however, schools cannot order it by right of domicile.

Many Corona rules are history

Aside from compulsory masking in schools, many crown rules are no longer applied in Bavaria since 3 April. The 2G and 3G access restrictions are historical, the minimum distance and indoor mask are only “strongly recommended”.

The obligation to wear a mask remains in force for the time being in long-distance transport and local public transport, i.e. buses or subways. In Bavaria, in places where masks have yet to be worn, the following applies: From the age of 16 it must be an FFP2 mask.

However, employees and visitors to so-called vulnerable facilities – such as hospitals, retirement homes, prisons or refugee accommodation – must continue to be tested. It is still unclear whether the mandatory test in Bavaria will expire on 1 May. The government has not yet decided on this.

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