Loosening of the crown: what is worth in kindergartens and schools in Bavaria

In clinics and nursing homes, as well as in public transport, the former basic crown protection measures will remain in effect in Bavaria, according to the cabinet decision until May 28. However, the rules in Bavarian schools and kindergartens are being loosened. What will apply in the future:

There is no requirement for proof

After returning from the Easter holidays last Monday, the schoolchildren were tested for another week “to minimize the entry of infections after the holidays”. Now it’s over: In the future, no more PCR pool tests and rapid antigen tests will be performed in the classrooms.

The test requirements will also be abolished in kindergartens, kindergartens and after-school care centers. Parents no longer need to submit test certificates or written confirmation that their child has tested negative.

“Due to the expected seasonal decrease in the number of infections, from 1 May 2022, it is no longer necessary to continue the series of tests without reason in schools and nurseries for safe school or daytime operations”, states the justification of the changed regulation Bavarian crown. The Free State will therefore no longer provide self-tests in the future.

Those who test positive must stay at home, in isolation

In the event of a corona infection, children and young people also have to stay at home – so they cannot go to daycare or school for several days. In the event of a positive test, the obligation of isolation still applies in Bavaria. From mid-April, this can be stopped “after five days” at the earliest after the test if the affected person has not experienced the typical corona symptoms for at least 48 hours. The quarantine will end automatically after a maximum of ten days. A “free test” is no longer necessary. The Bavarian Ministry of Health recommends wearing a mask for five days after the end of isolation.

Anyone who has had contact with a person infected with the corona can continue to go to kindergarten or school: there is no longer a quarantine for close contacts in Bavaria.

No more 3G for visitors and employees

Be it in daycare centers or schools, 3G access restrictions for visitors and employees no longer apply. In the future, you will no longer need to present proof of vaccination, recovery or testing in order to access the facilities.

Excursions and school trips are allowed

After one-day school trips have recently been possible, school classes can now travel again for several days: according to the Ministry of Education, multi-day school trips, including student exchanges, have been authorized again since the end of the Easter holidays last Monday. Unrestricted excursions with the kindergarten children are also possible.

Regular operation in kindergartens

In kindergartens in Bavaria, smooth operation has been permitted for a long time: children no longer have to be cared for in fixed groups. For safety, some kindergartens with open concepts still attached to fixed groups.

Hygiene measures recommended for schools

On 1 May, the Bavarian School Hygiene Framework Plan will no longer be valid. However, the Ministry of Education recommends compliance with hygiene measures “to ensure that teaching is as safe as possible”: “Many people gather at school every day. It is therefore particularly important that every individual at school takes care of himself and others. ” in the last letter from the Ministry to parents. Recommendations:

Masks: Pupils can however voluntarily wear a protective mask in the classroom. The Ministry of Culture expressly recommends wearing them, especially for meeting areas such as corridors, stairways and relaxation rooms. After a confirmed case of infection, he warns that other students in the class also wear a face mask to class for five days of school.

Broadcasting: Classrooms should be ventilated with fully open windows every 45 minutes, ideally every 20 minutes.

Distance: Where possible, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters should be maintained in the school building.

General hygiene rules: It is also recommended that you wash your hands regularly with soap and stick to coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Coping with the symptoms of the disease: According to the Ministry of Education, the following generally applies: “Anyone who is sick stays at home, regardless of whether or not there is a suspicion of Covid 19”. It is necessary to see a doctor in case of typical corona symptoms such as shortness of breath, new cough and fever. If you have mild symptoms such as a runny nose or sore throat, a quick test is required to be safe, at home or in a testing center.

Students need tests for clinic visits

Since there are no regular tests at school, schoolchildren will need a current negative crown test certificate in the future to enter facilities with mandatory tests. There is currently a facility-related testing requirement for visitors to hospitals and nursing homes in Bavaria. Children up to sixth birthday and children who have not yet started school are always the same as the people tested.

(Editorial note: In an early version of this article it was stated that unvaccinated and unhealed schoolchildren need a negative test certificate in case of 3G access restrictions. However, the current Crown Ordinance of the Free State provides for restrictions. 3G access for leisure, sports and cultural activities In case of facility tests in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes, all visitors must present proof of the test, including those vaccinated and those recovered).

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