State elections 2022 Witten and Herdecke: candidate of the Greens

NRW state election on May 15th. In ward 106 / Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis II with Witten and Herdecke, political professional Verena Schäffer is a candidate for the Greens.

the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia it will take place on 15 May 2022. Nine direct candidates are running for constituency 106 / Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis II with the cities of Herdecke and Witten. They are: Sarah Kramer (CDU, Witten), Dr. Nadja Bütefuhr (SPD, Herdecke), Enric Tange (FDP, Herdecke), Jean Valton (AfD, Ennepetal), Verena Schäffer (Bündnis90 / Die Grünen, Witten), Ursula Weiß (Die Linke, Witten), Bennet Strahmann (Die Party, Witten), Achim Czylwick (MLPD, Witten) and Sven Heiermann (dieBasis, Wetter / Ruhr). The local editorial staff presents the candidates of this college who belong to the SPD, CDU, Verdi, FDP, AfD and Linke parties. Today: Verena Schäffer


  • Last name:

    Verena Schaeffer

  • Age:


  • Marital status / children:

    unmarried, two children (3, 6 years)

  • Profession:

    Members of Parliament

  • School education:

    Degree in History / Jewish Studies

  • Hobby:

    Cycling, reading, exploring the playgrounds

  • Travel Favorite:


  • last night’s dinner:


  • Reading fun:

    A story of love and darkness (Amos Oz)

  • Enjoyment of music:

    The dead pants

  • My favorite place:

    in Witten Muttental

Now please be specific

What would you like to achieve for your constituency in five years?

The towns in the EN district are beautifully situated. To preserve our beautiful nature and liveable cities, we need constant climate protection: more green facades and tree plantations in cities, standard solar on roofs, higher frequencies for public transport and bicycle expansion daily. The second ecological crisis is the extinction of species. To preserve biodiversity, we need to stop soil sealing, inter alia by reusing vacant land. It is also clear that only the rich can afford a poor community. In order for our cities to return to action, the country urgently needs to set up an old debt fund. Furthermore, our cities need to be supported in the renovation and modernization of schools. In addition to kindergartens, schools make a significant contribution to the educational success of our children. All children should have the same educational opportunities right from the start.

How would you like to create more affordable accommodations?

Affordable housing is also an important social issue in our district. We want publicly owned plots nationwide to no longer be allocated for a maximum price, but only according to the concept. In particular, publicly subsidized apartments are in short supply, as many more apartments are losing control of rent than new ones are being created. We Greens want to change it. In addition, at least 30 per cent of the apartments to be built on all areas ready for construction should be publicly subsidized and thus be available to low- and middle-income people. We want to focus the housing promotion of the state on the construction of rental apartments and also make it respectful of the climate.

What ideas do you have to relieve families with rising prices (fuel, oil, gas)?

Families and low-income people are particularly affected by rising prices. Targeted help is important because it’s more social than watering can help, which costs a lot of money but doesn’t reach those who need it most. At the federal level, we have fought to facilitate, among other things, with the flat-rate energy price, the one-time supplement for people with basic security and the supplement for immediate children. By lowering the price of local public transport, we want to ensure participation through mobility and at the same time make public transport more attractive. In the long run, however, rising energy prices show one thing above all: we need to become independent of fossil fuels. For NRW, this means going full steam ahead with expanding renewable energy, better public transport connections and affordable tickets, as well as converting to a climate-neutral economy.

Think to the end

Local schools are …

… places that are important for the future of our children and should be equipped accordingly.

Education policy in general is …

…. important as a basis for life as a whole – and it starts in daycare!

The traffic situation here …

… it is too crowded on the streets at rush hour, so we want to make the switch to public transport and cycling more attractive.

The abolition of road construction subsidies for residents …

…it’s right.

The support of the municipalities of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia …

… needs to be urgently improved by an elderly debt fund.

If I could make a wish for my constituency, it would be …

… debt and therefore able to act communities in order to invest in climate protection and have more money for schools and kindergartens, as well as social projects.

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