Stühlingen: Stühlingen Hospital: Circle of Friends starts an online petition

The Friends of the Loreto Hospital have presented a petition to preserve the Stühlinger Hospital.


At the beginning of the letter, the authors of the online petition explain the underlying problems of smaller hospitals: nationally, beds are reduced and clinics closed. This mainly concerns small hospitals, including the Loreto hospital in Stühlingen in the Waldshut district.

The Friends of the Loreto Hospital have submitted an online petition.

The Friends of the Loreto Hospital have submitted an online petition. | Image: Edinger, Gerald

The operator is the health association of the Constance district. In a 2019 study, the Bertelsmann Foundation concluded that “better care is possible with half of the clinics.” This would justify the closure of small clinics.

The requirements

Adjusting the minimum quantity poses further problems for smaller clinics: for many interventions there is a minimum number that must be reached in order to perform them. Many interventions, which are better rewarded by the flat rate system of the DRG case, could not be carried out. These regulations have inevitably led to the economization of the hospital landscape.

The questions

The citizens of Stühlingen and surrounding communities are concerned about the operational analysis commissioned by the GLKN. Rarely the reason for an operational analysis are only qualitative aspects, but always also economic issues.

The Council of Friends of the Loreto hospital in 2021 (front, from left: president Susann Bächle, deputy Christian ...

The Council of Friends of the Loreto Hospital in 2021 (front, from left: President Susann Bächle, Deputy Christian Saurer, Commercial Director of Hegau-Bodensee-Klinikum Rebecca Sellmann and Chairman of the GLKN Board of Directors, Bernd Sieber. Back, from left: councilors Bernhard Engel, mayor secretary Joachim Burger, station chief councilor Regina Grüninger, Hedi Christoph (farewell councilor), cashier Georg Riesterer and councilor Bernd Vollminghoff | Photo: Yvonne Würth


The circle of sponsors deals with the following aspects: Basic medical care and family doctor practices are already in full swing. Basic hospital care that can be achieved quickly and that can take care of patients even longer than allowed by the flat rate per case. Jobs close to home that would be lost in case of closure. The question of training and continuing education of medical and nursing staff.


Some of the changes already made in the Loreto hospital in Stühlingen are perceived by many citizens as a sign of imminent closure. This triggered a certain dynamic. Staff are leaving the clinic, new staff cannot be hired with uncertain future prospects. The necessary services could no longer be provided economically, which eventually led to the end of the hospital.


The friends of the Loreto hospital in Stühlingen do not want to stand by and do nothing. “It is our job to help find a sustainable solution for the hospital so that medical care is not subject to economic pressures.”

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