The most beautiful destinations in Europe

It is no coincidence that May is called the merry month. Winter is over and spring is upon us. If you are looking for a break and want to enjoy spring in Europe, you are spoiled for choice. Many destinations attract with good conditions thanks to the start of the season: it is not yet as crowded as in the approaching summer, the prices are cheaper and the temperatures are often ideal especially for active holidays.

We present to you destinations that are worth taking an excursion in May, for a trip to the city or even for one or the other day at the seaside. In these destinations you can enjoy spring to the fullest and let your soul dangle in the summer.

1. Sardinia

Sardinia wakes up from hibernation as early as April. The thermometer shows temperatures of 20 degrees and higher in May. And May is a glorious time to plan an active vacation and enjoy the beauty of the island ahead of the high season. In addition, there are numerous festivals in spring on the Mediterranean island which belongs to Italy – as many as 150, to be precise.

Spring is the best time to actively discover Sardinia and to experience the many popular festivals.

On 1 May the Sagra di Sant’Efisio begins in Cagliari, the largest popular festival on the island. A colorful festival full of costumes in honor of the patron saint of the same name, who is said to have saved the islanders from the plague in 1655.

In May you can go hiking even when the temperature is pleasant, for example through the Gorropu Gorge, which is one of the deepest gorges in Europe. The rock walls reach 400 meters in the sky, with luck you can see golden eagles. The tour should definitely include a refreshing dip in the Rio Flumineddo, which is located opposite the entrance to the gorge.

2. Iceland

May is one of the best months to travel to get to know Iceland. The country is waking up from hibernation and almost all summer activities are already on offer. As temperatures still hover between five and 20 degrees, you should be prepared for anything when it comes to your wardrobe. Also for the long days, because in Iceland the nights are getting shorter and shorter. As the sun sets at 10pm in early May, the night falls around 11.30pm in late May and lasts only four hours.

However, with “only” ten days of rain or snow, May is the driest month of the year along with July.

A night dip in one of Iceland’s hot hot springs as the sun continues to decorate the night sky and a night walk on the beach in the light are definitely among the things to do. In the north of Húsavík, the country’s whale center, gentle giants can be seen on a whale watching tour. From April to November, the chance of seeing a humpback, mink or blue whale is almost 100%.

A dip in Icelandic hot springs is on the must-do list when visiting Iceland.

3. Seville

May offers the best conditions for a city trip to Seville. The southern Spanish city already reaches high summer temperatures of up to 28 degrees in May. With 700,000 inhabitants, the capital of the region of Andalusia is the fourth largest city in Spain and, in addition to its architectural beauties and cultural treasures, it is one of the cradles of flamenco.

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The Feria de Abril, the most famous festival in Andalusia, takes place this year until 7 May. Traditional costumes of flamenco, sherry and a relaxed atmosphere then dominate the city. A great fireworks display concludes the event.

Moorish architecture, covered courtyard, top view: the Real Alcazar is just one of the many sights in Seville.

Those interested in culture visit the Cathedral of Seville, climb 100 meters on its tower and enjoy the views of the city and the surrounding area. Next to the cathedral is the royal palace complex, Real Alcázar de Sevilla, which is still used as a summer residence by the Spanish royal family. The setting will be eerily familiar to Game of Thrones fans – the palace served as the backdrop for the series’ Sunspear Water Gardens.

4. Crete

A mild Mediterranean climate, an air temperature of up to 24 degrees and a water temperature of around 19 degrees make Crete a May destination with the possibility of bathing. The Greek island now shows itself in its most beautiful colors, because here until the end of May wild tulips and orchids sprout, the pomegranate shows its bright red flowers and the prickly pear also blooms.

Now the Askordalos botanical garden is also worth visiting, which also has a small zoo with donkeys, goats and peacocks. Plants from different climatic zones grow on the site and vegetarian meals can be enjoyed in the adjacent restaurant.