Ammersee: Schacky-Park Dießen: young people work on Monopteros

The first restorations of the Schacky Park in Dießen date back more than ten years. There is already something new to do. The Regensburg youth shelter helps.

Like many other historic buildings and structures, Schacky Park is a permanent construction site. The signs of aging constantly gnaw at the paved paths, buildings and reinforced concrete structures. Part of what was restored in the 2000s is also in need of renovation. The Regensburg youth workers hut provided support last week. Nine young people worked, among other things, on the Monopteros, the frog fountain and the tea house.

In 2009, for example, the completion of the restoration of the Monopteros was celebrated. Since then, however, moss has once again spread over the surfaces, water and frost have added to the mosaic floor and steps, Christine Reichert and Joachim Maria Hoppe describe the situation that the nine participants of the youth worker’s hut found when they checked at last week of April arrived Diessen.

Water and ice are causing problems for Schacky Park’s building fabric

In fact, looking back at Hoppe, it might have been a good idea to upgrade the entire Monopteros foundation during the first refurbishment in 2008, but for financial reasons only the essentials could have been done at the beginning. The task now was to close the cracks and chips that had occurred since then: “It’s like at the dentist, first you have to drill very deeply and then insert the filling compound,” says Christine Reichert, explaining the refurbishment. The main danger to the bottom of the Monopteros is that it sinks slightly towards the center and consequently the water collects. In 2008, the pipes were buried, but Hoppe doesn’t think that’s a good solution, so the standing water was simply swept away.

Another construction site for the youth worker’s hut was the balustrade of the frog pit, which had been knocked over by the rioters.

Photo: Gerald Modlinger

The Jugendbauhütte was also involved in sealing the joints between the approximately 20 pots and their foundations and smoothing a railing of the teahouse that needed to be repainted. At the frog fountain, the concrete pillars that had been overturned by the rioters have been reassembled and repaired, Hoppe reports.

This is how the Regensburg youth hut works

Those who work at the Regensburg youth workers’ hut do a volunteer social year (FSJ), reports Charlotte Stier, who repaired the cracks in Monopteros with two other young women. For example, you previously worked on the renovation of a small chapel near Regensburg, otherwise you work in the restoration center of the Bavarian palace administration. The year serves as an orientation year, whether you want to work in this field or as a pre-study internship.

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In addition to representatives of the Schacky-Park support group, Axel Hofstadt, head of the Munich local board of the German Foundation for the Protection of Monuments, also examined the work of the youth building hut and the Schacky Park, which is presented with fields of daffodils and flowering fruit trees in the most beautiful spring dress. “It’s not just a flat green area, it’s a real landscape,” he said, looking from the Monopteros on the eight-hectare site that the Schacky couple had set up between 1903 and 1913 in the style of an English landscape park.

Since its restoration, which began 16 years ago, the park has become a popular attraction in Diessen. Since 2017, Schacky Park is one of 530 objects in Bavaria supported by the foundation, which in turn is financed by grants, funds and lottery proceeds.

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