Because Berlin’s skyline is more popular than New York’s

When hearing the tall word “skyline”, most people would probably think of the classics first: New York, Dubai, Chicago, maybe even Sydney with its famous opera house or Frankfurt am Main with its distinctive towers. Berlin would not immediately come to mind for lack of spectacular skyscrapers, but of course our capital also has a skyline by definition, a panorama that outlines the metropolis with its tallest buildings and structures against the horizon.

Of course, no view should be without the television tower, at 368 meters it is the tallest structure in Germany and the fourth tallest television tower in Europe. The Park Inn next door may not be able to compete with the Burj Khalifa or the Dream Dubai Marina, but it’s still good enough for another attraction at Alexanderplatz. And as is well known, in terms of skyscrapers, there will be a lot more to come in the next few years. Otherwise, the 125-meter-high Treptowers, the 93-meter-high International Trade Center on Friedrichstrasse, the Red Town Hall, the Berlin Cathedral and the residential skyscraper on the Alex all help to create a striking silhouette of the city. Some taller buildings and landmarks such as the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church are also clustered around Potsdamer Platz and the Zoo train station.

Anyone who thinks all of this can never live up to the famous Manhattan skyline, captured millions of times on kitschy posters and perhaps abused in melancholy films, are wrong. If you believe a new studio that has evaluated photos and their popularity on Instagram, then Berlin even has the second most popular skyline in the world with an average of 297 likes per photo. Only Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, has done better than the German capital. The metropolis on the Persian Gulf had the highest average number of likes per photo (362).

Miami took third place with 273 likes, followed by Rome, Milan, Athens and New York in seventh place (125 likes per Instagram photo). Prague, Strasbourg and Vienna complete the top ten. For the analysis, the British company TonerGiant analyzed more than 7,500 photos posted by Instagram users in the UK and around the world. The calculation was based on which city has the most likes per photo on average. The survey focused on Instagram accounts with at least 150 followers and hashtags such as #dubaiskyline or #berlinskyline.


But then Berlin can’t keep up: Dubai’s skyline at night.

If you take a look on Instagram under the Berlin hashtag, it quickly becomes clear that the view of the city from the outside is very different from what longtime Berliners have of their metropolis. Tourists and visitors to Berlin soon fall for themselves on social media when they see a photo of the Berlin skyline and especially the TV tower: “I got up twice! Amazing view. The first time was a hike, the second time I went to dinner. Just fantastic! ” writes a young Argentine on Instagram A Swiss travel blogger comments on a view of the skyline from the Berlin Cathedral at Potsdamer Platz with the words: “Wow. AMAZING !! What a beautiful light on my favorite city”.

The hashtag #berlinskyline, which has more than 13,000 Instagram posts, is a single air of celebration. If in the internal view of Berlin the motto “No complaining is praise enough” prevails, this obviously does not apply to people who come from outside. They also don’t seem to care that the city is flat as a pancake in most places and that the polls are not collected in one center, but are spread over the entire city area.

The good reputation of the city seems to (still) exist among visitors to Berlin. This is also demonstrated by the latest developments after two grim years of pandemic. Those who go to hotspots have already noticed: the tourists are back. Hotel occupancy is starting to rise again and Visit Berlin advertisers are seeing a slight recovery as well. When the Brits and Americans return, there will soon be new photos of the skyline and lots of hearts on Instagram.

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