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Sabine Held-Ehrhardt, Offenburg Education Authority (from left), Nature Park Director Karl-Heinz Dunker, State Secretary Sandra Boser, Director Anja Strittmatter, Minister Marion Gentges, Nature Park Environmental Educator Manuela Riedling and Mayor Siegfried Scheffold are delighted with the certification of from the Wilhelm-Hausenstein school to the nature park school. Photo: Kornfeld

Now it’s official: Wilhelm-Hausenstein-School is a nature park school. Siegfried Scheffold, as Vice President of the Central / Northern Black Forest Nature Park and Mayor, presented the certificate to the director.

Hornberg. For the occasion, Scheffold welcomed the Minister of Justice and Migration of Baden-Württemberg, Marion Gentges (CDU) and Sandra Boser (Verdi), Secretary of State for Education, Youth and Sport, into the school.

He also presented a plaque that will show the outside world the new state of the school. According to Scheffold, this is the thirteenth school to receive an award in the Mitte-Nord nature park. “It’s a great thing and a reason to celebrate,” she said. The 20th School of the Natural Park is expected to receive an award this year.

The modernization is complete

When Sandra Boser visited the school two years ago, there were three important issues, Scheffold recalled. First, the modernization of the school building, which is now almost completed with the help of the state. Secondly, digitization was on the agenda, which was a great success, and thirdly, the nature park school. In December 2018, the concept was presented at the lecturers’ conference, was positively received by the city council and then the funds were made available. As vice president of the nature park, you informed that the money for the seven nature parks of Baden-Württemberg was very limited.

There are also many children with a migration background in Hornberg. It is extremely important for them to familiarize themselves with the landscape, nature, culture and customs. This is implemented by the schools of the nature park.

Marion Gentges attended the awards ceremony in her constituency. The award clearly shows that the Wilhelm Hausenstein school offers something special. “Experience, grasp, understand” is a motto of the schools of the nature park. The students go out, for example to the forest, to understand things in the true sense of the word: “There is more to what sticks to the sweater than dirt,” said the minister. He also stressed the importance of the concept of nature park schools for children with a migratory background.

Two years ago, during a visit to the Hausenstein School, he spoke with Anja Strittmatter and Mayor Scheffold about the nature park school project, and now it’s a reality, Secretary of State Boser said. It is always a pleasure for you to recognize the teachers for their commitment.

“The educational projects of natural parks go against the tendency of children to move away from nature, agriculture and their own roots,” says Boser. Natural parks would practically bring into schools the guiding principle of “education for sustainable development” (ESD) anchored in the 2016 educational plan. It is about knowing the world in a systematic and interdisciplinary way. Extracurricular partners pass on their knowledge to children.

“We are proud that our project is experiencing such momentum this year,” said Karl-Heinz Dunker, managing director of the Nature Park.

Principal Anja Strittmatter presented the eight modules of the Hausenstein School. The themes are: “The people who buzz-Maja and her friends” (with the association of beekeepers); “Cozy and warm – from sheep to wool”, “The mysterious world of mushrooms”; “What problems do trees have” (Hasenhof), “From apple to juice” (Hofstelle Lauble, Fohrenbühl) and “Hornberg – simply fabulous” (with the guild of fools).

Strittmatter thanked, among other things, the city as a school authority, Sina Schmidt as head of the module, the environmental educator Manuela Riedling of the Central / North Black Forest Nature Park, Marion Pätzold, who had already set the goal in 2016 for the school to become a natural park school and for the teaching staff for their commitment.

Mushroom expert Marion Pätzold pointed out that the town of Hornberg is well positioned with the nature park school, the mushroom school, the Hasenhof forest trail and the nature trail.

The concept of natural park

In the form of modern local history, the pupils of the nature park school are made aware of the particularities of their local environment and the themes of nature and culture are firmly anchored in the school. According to the sustainable development education model, children are taught creative skills to be able to actively and independently shape their future in the nature park.

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