Demonstration of May 1: attack after the march of right-wing extremists

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Demonstrations took place all over Germany on 1 May. Some participants let their frustration run away. Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffey becomes the target. The news.

  • Egg Attack: Berlin Mayor Giffey was thrown an egg during a speech.
  • May 1 in Berlin: attack on the police during a demonstration in Kreuzberg
  • Seriously injured in Crimmitschau: after a march by right-wing extremists, four people are beaten and hospitalized.
  • Connewitz district of Leipzig: Violent protesters set fire to the barricades on the night of May 1st.
  • This May Day demonstration ticker is updated regularly.

Update from May 1st at 10:15 pm: Police counted 14,000 participants in the Berlin Revolutionary May Day demonstration, which led from Neukölln to Kreuzberg. In the middle of the protest march was a large autonomous black block with several hundred people. Left and radical left groups had called for protest.

As a reporter who German news agency observed, in the evening there were also scuffles between demonstrators and police. Bottles and firecrackers flew. Law enforcement officers used tear gas. You could also see the Bengal fires.

Numerous Palestinian groups also took part in the evening protests in Neukölln and Kreuzberg. Police expected this after fears of anti-Semitic incidents banned a demonstration of Palestinian initiatives scheduled for Friday, as well as alternative events. Many people waved flags of Palestine, others sang “Free Palestine”. Strong criticism of Israel’s policies was voiced in several speeches. The Jewish Forum announced on Twitter that it would monitor the demonstration and document the anti-Semitic incidents. Some banners and requests could be understood as a “call for the violent annihilation of the state of Israel,” the forum later tweeted.

Update from May 1st at 9:45 pm: According to police, in the riots surrounding a right-wing extremist march in Zwickau, four people from the right-wing camp were injured, some seriously, on the way back. According to a spokesman for the federal police, they got off at around 5:30 pm at the Crimmitschau train station and were assaulted with screaming instruments in an underpass. In the evening, bloodstains could still be seen at the train station. Force protected tracks.

Those attacked reacted but suffered injuries to their hands and head. All four were taken to the hospital. Based on witness statements, the federal police are looking for six to ten left camp suspects, one of whom is said to be a woman. A police helicopter was also in action at the time.

Update from May 1st at 8:32 pm: At the “Revolutionary May Day Demonstration” in Berlin, according to police information, the police intervened for the first time after attacking them. “There were coercive measures (pushing and pressing) and the use of tear gas after the Pyro attacks, punches and kicks in the direction of the police from parts of the demonstration,” the police wrote via Twitter.

Participants in the “Revolutionary May Day Demonstration” march through Berlin. © Christoph Soeder / dpa

1 May: Demonstrations in Hamburg and Berlin

Update from May 1st at 8:10 pm: While 2,000 protesters marched through Hamburg’s HafenCity under the motto “We can no longer afford the rich”, according to the Berlin police, at least 3,000 people gathered for the demonstration of the “First Revolutionary”, which the left and the radical left had requested wing groups. At the Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg, the windows of a future police station planned there, rejected by the left scene, were protected with chipboard and bars.

So far, however, several protests and rallies in the capital have been mostly peaceful: some 10,000 cyclists, for example, have crossed the affluent Grunewald in the western part of the city, demonstrating for the redistribution of wealth. The satirical event took place under the motto “Even more crippled Grunewald”. One poster said “fair rent instead of profits”.

Update from May 1st at 7:47 pm: The demo in Berlin-Kreuzberg has now started moving along Sonnenallee. According to the police, 14,000 people participate in the march. the Berlin newspaper there is also talk of a black block and the first fireworks and Bengals that light up in these. In addition, there are also anti-Semitic songs.

Update from May 1st at 7:30 pm: According to the German Federation of Trade Unions, around 21,000 people took part in a total of 33 events in Hesse. In Frankfurt alone, police counted around 3,000 people during a demonstration and subsequent demonstration on the Römerberg.

Demonstration on May 1st in Berlin: Police with a large contingent on the spot

Update from May 1st at 18:33: In Berlin, police are preparing for the start of the autonomous demonstration at Hertzbergplatz. the Berlin newspaper reports of police officers in large numbers and in full riot gear. A helicopter is also in use which is supposed to provide panoramic shots. Up to 20,000 attendees are expected at the Neukölln demo.

Update from May 1st at 3:31 pm: Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) was insulted and an egg was thrown at the May demonstration of the German Trade Union Confederation on Sunday. The SPD politician missed the egg, Senate and DGB spokespersons said upon request. A reporter from dpa on the spot reported that Giffey had to temporarily stop his speech due to the protests. The crowd clamored for the Berlin referendum on the expropriation of real estate companies to be implemented.

May 1 - trade union rally - Berlin
Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) was thrown at the May Day demonstration with an egg. © TOBIAS SCHWARZ / afp

In his speech, Giffey thanked all those who continued to work under difficult conditions during the Crown crisis, according to the Senate Chancellery. It is thanks to them that the country has overcome the crisis well. A good job deserves fair pay and good working conditions. The Berlin Senate is doing its part by raising the state minimum wage to 13 euros.

May Day demonstrations: clash between police and demonstrators in Dortmund

Update from May 1st at 15:12: Dortmund police used pepper spray and batons against autonomous scene protesters. People assaulted police officers and tried to break through a barrier, a police spokesman said. A spokesperson for “Autonomous Antifa 170” complained of police violence: several participants were injured. The police spokeswoman said there was no information on the injured.

The demonstrators wanted to protest against a march of about 220 right-wing extremists. At the time of the confrontation with the police, this march had not even started, the police spokeswoman said. Before the march began, the police instructed right-wing extremists to roll up numerous flags. According to the police, public gatherings that convey the will to use violence through paramilitary behavior are prohibited.

May Day demonstrations: right-wing extremists attack counter-protesters

Update from May 1st at 13:09: According to police, right-wing extremists attacked counter-protesters when they arrived at a right-wing extremist march in Zwickau. At Glauchau station, they threw stones at a train in which left-wing protesters were seated, a police spokesman said Sunday afternoon. They were going to the counter-protest in Zwickau. A spokesperson said 41 rights had been set. A 28-year-old counter-protester was reportedly slightly injured. There had already been clashes at the Chemnitz railway station. There, 50 right-wing protesters from the train were directed to Zwickau. Police initially did not provide further information.

On Sunday in Zwickau, the right-wing splinter party La Terza Via had mobilized for a lift. The party has been promoting the demonstration nationwide for months, so more than 500 attendees are expected, including those from southern Germany and Thuringia, police chief Lutz Rodig recently said. There are indications that there may also be many violent people among the protesters in Zwickau. At the same time, a large counter-protest is expected in the city.

May Day demonstrations: police vehicles damaged in the Connewitz district of Leipzig

Update from May 1st, 9:01 am: Violent protesters erected a barricade in the Connewitz district of Leipzig on the night of May 1 and set it on fire. According to the police, the emergency services and firefighters were deployed and put out the fire. A police spokesman said late Saturday evening that three police vehicles had been damaged and at least one building had been contaminated with bitumen. After that, the situation calmed down.

An eyewitness reported that those involved threw pebbles and tar-filled bottles at the new buildings. The glass containers were also overturned.

May 1 - Demonstration the night before - Leipzig
A barricade burns down on the night of May 1, 2022 on a street in the Leipzig-Connewitz district. © dpa / picture alliance

May Day demonstrations: protests the day before

First report from May 1st at 6:33 am: Berlin – The day before May 1st, thousands of people demonstrated and celebrated in Berlin. According to the police, the protests were mostly quiet. At a feminist demonstration in Prenzlauer Berg, however, the atmosphere turned on Saturday evening. Sacks of paint flew, discs were thrown in, fireworks were lit. The police stopped the protest march several times. According to a police spokesperson, there have been attacks on the emergency services. There have been isolated arrests, the spokeswoman said.

1 May: Demonstrations in Berlin at the weekend

According to the spokesperson, around 1,600 police officers were on duty in the city on Saturday. According to Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD), there were up to 6,000 over the weekend, including those from the federal police and other federal states. It is predicted that on May 1, as in previous decades, there could be outbreaks of violence by leftist autonomists.

On Sunday there will be a whole series of demonstrations in Berlin: from the main meeting of the German trade union federation on the occasion of the Labor Day at noon to parades by motorbike or bicycle to protests against the measures of the crown. The police paid particular attention to the demonstration by left and radical left groups entitled “Revolutionary May Day” on Sunday evening in Neukölln. 5,000 to 20,000 participants and possible outbreaks of violence are expected. Up to 50,000 participants in popular demonstrations and festivals are expected over the weekend.

May 1: Demonstration with up to 20,000 participants in Berlin – likely violence

“Of course we know that violence can and most likely will,” said RBB Interior Senator Spranger. The police follow the outstretched hand strategy, but “obviously intervene massively if there are riots”. (came / dpa)

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