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The team school is looking for internships and the Drensteinfurt companies are looking for trainees. Both partners are now collaborating and are also bringing business development on board. © Wiesrecker, Mechthild

In the future there will be a close network between the team school, the IGW and the company development in Drensteinfurt. The aim is to organize internships and apprenticeships for students and at the same time help companies find suitable interns and trainees to tackle the shortage of skilled labor.

Drensteinfurt – With a fieldwork survey on 13 and 14 June, schoolchildren should have the opportunity to learn about local companies and their on-site training opportunities. “Many of our members have expressed a desire to inform the team school about vacant training and internship positions,” explains Martina Lammersmann, president of IGW. Teachers know the career aspirations and inclinations of students, ”she believes. Some students do not even know where there are vacancies and do not dare to ask the employment center. Without further ado, she asked companies in a questionnaire to note the type of apprenticeship and the internship positions offered.

Good feedback

The response was very good after a short time, so much so that he was soon able to report many vacancies at the school. “We all know each other, it makes sense to use it,” she says. If there are no skilled workers on the market, companies should train them themselves.

Heiko Schwarz, the responsible department head from eight to ten years old, and Uda Persch-Büttner, head of career guidance at the team school, are equally enthusiastic about the idea.
“We support many of our students who stay on site and find work in local companies,” says Schwarz. Neither the students nor the parents would know how many different educational professions can be learned in Drensteinfurt. “The time in the 1980s, when you had to write a series of applications, is over,” she explains.

Great shortage of skilled workers

Not only in Stewwert, but throughout Germany, companies have complained about the lack of skilled workers, so everything should be done to excite the students on the team for local companies. According to Lammersmann, companies are often unable to fill their training posts for two to three years. He sees great potential in this cooperation. For example, Möbel Gaßmöller offers training as a specialist for furniture, kitchens and relocation services. “It’s a bad name for an interesting profession that’s a real alternative to carpentry,” she explains. The career discovery day is a good opportunity to get to know the profession.

Martina Welscheit, owner of an import / export company for mosaics and ceramics in Schmiedestrasse, also knows what Martina Lammersmann is talking about. In her company she offers various internships: on the one hand, wholesale and foreign employee for the office as well as the two-year internship as a warehouse employee or the three-year internship as a specialist in warehouse logistics.

Difficult to find trainees

There is no application for either of the two posts, although I have reported positions to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Labor Office and the Employment Center. “It is becoming increasingly difficult to find interns,” she confirms. She also offers an upfront paid internship so potential candidates know what they’re getting into.

It enables trainees to follow advanced courses, language courses, telephone training, assistance before the exam and to leave for a stay abroad through the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. “As a medium-sized company, you can’t do more,” she believes. To get to know the students, she also regularly participates in the scope at the team school.

The following applies to the school of the group: “At the end of the school year, all students are taken care of,” assures Heiko Schwarz. Today, however, many students have moved on to secondary school. Not all of them came from Drensteinfurt. “Sometimes we have to convince parents that going to school is not always the best choice and that not everyone has to study,” says Uda Persch-Büttner.

good network

“Anyone who is involved in the trade today certainly has a good future for the next 20-30 years,” explains Lammersmann. In addition to career discovery days for the eighth grade, there are three internships at the team school, one each in the eighth, ninth and tenth grades. “The internship gives students a good insight into the profession,” explains Persch-Büttner.

The economic development agency and city politicians have also pledged support for cooperation. “A good network is useful and creates short distances”, says Andreas Brinkmann as deputy mayor and political representative, then adds: “It is a win-win situation for students and companies.”

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