Erkrath, Wülfrath and Mettmann collect from citizens

Taxes in the Mettmann district
Erkrath, Wülfrath and Mettmann collect from citizens

The three cities lead in a district comparison with the highest taxes, fees and charges. The Left Party created the ranking.

The cities of Erkrath, Wülfrath and Mettmann collect a lot of money from their citizens through taxes, fees and charges. This is demonstrated by a ranking of cities compiled by Die Linke on Mettmann. Mettmann therefore ranks third among the most expensive cities in the Mettmann district. When it comes to taxes and duties, Mettmann is also number one.

The comparison between the cities belonging to the district is based on nine municipal expenses: waste and sewage tax, property tax B and dog tax, costs for the municipal library, indoor swimming pool and music school as well as contributions from parents for the day center and OGS. A family of four with two adults, two children (aged three and seven) and a dog was used as a basis.

In this table, Erkrath occupies the first inglorious place. There, taxes, duties and municipal taxes amount to 4104.48 euros. Wülfrather has to pay 3974.34 euros per year – the lemon silver tax. Mettmann follows closely in third place with € 3821.05. The cities of Monheim (€ 1,755.46) and Velbert (€ 2,125.60) collect less from their citizens. Eight out of ten municipalities in the district are located in the area above the 3000 euro threshold. The average annual load is reported in the ranking at € 3,173.78.

When it comes to urban offers, the left has compared rates for indoor swimming pools, city libraries and music schools. Here, too, the city of Mettmann is at the top of the cost scale. Only Wülfrath charges higher overall fees. However, this is mainly due to the music school fees, as Wülfrath has a private music school that is only subsidized by the city.

Visiting the indoor pool for a family of four is relatively cheap in Mettmann at eleven euros. However, in Erkrath you only have to pay 70 cents more for a more attractive pool, especially for children.

Mettmann is also among the top three most expensive cities when it comes to childcare costs. In Mettmann, parents have to pay nearly 2,000 euros a year for a child in kindergarten and a child in the OGS, according to Die Linke. Only in Erkrath and Wülfrath do families face an even greater financial burden. In Monheim, parents receive free childcare

The ranking, which is also interesting elsewhere, was created in view of the strategic consolidation of Mettmann’s budget, says André Bär, chairman of the left-wing council group: “On the one hand, we see the need to balance Mettmann’s finances in order after years of bad management. On the other hand, this doesn’t have to be at the expense of the citizens. Because they already pay more than many other municipalities in the district ». In its search for sources of income, the municipality of Mettmann recently raised its dog tax. This proposal comes from the list of 34 measures presented by the consultancy Imaka, which now need to be worked out step by step. A further increase in the property tax B on houses and apartments remains on the agenda.

But how does the left imagine the way out of Mettmann’s financial crisis? In addition to a reference to the urgent reform of municipal funding, André Bär turns his gaze to the staff of the city hall: “Of course, as a leftist, we don’t want to fire any employees. But my hope is that digitalization will allow them to cope with existing staff by distributing tasks differently. “So the city would not need to fill the more than 60 vacancies with new staff.” According to André Bär, citizens are through Energy costs, inflation and taxes already to be paid, however, are at the limit.

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