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The Federal Intelligence Service (BND) intercepted radio messages from the Russian army demonstrating atrocities committed against the Ukrainian civilian population not far from the capital Kiev.

As reported for the first time by the “Spiegel”, yesterday the foreign secret services informed the parliamentarians on the content of the radio messages. According to information from the German news agency, these show that paramilitary units were deployed outside Kiev in March on behalf of the Russian army.

When asked, the BND simply stated that he has generally not publicly commented on any intelligence-related issues or activities. No statement was made as to whether the facts of the case were correct or not. He reports on relevant topics in particular to the federal government and the competent and secretly assembled commissions of the Bundestag. The parliamentary control body of the Bundestag in charge of monitoring the secret services met yesterday.

Government: Russian declarations unsustainable

Government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said on reports of atrocities in the city of Butscha that an assessment of non-commercial satellite images shows that the victims had been lying on the street since at least 10 March. “Credible evidence shows that from March 7 until March 30 inclusive, the Russian military and security forces were deployed in this area. They were also involved in the interrogation of prisoners who were subsequently executed. These are the results. that we have, ”Hebestreit said. “The statements made by the Russian side that the scenes were staged and that they were not responsible for the murders are, in our opinion, unsustainable.”

Evidence of new war crimes

Human rights organization Amnesty International reported new evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine, citing Ukrainian eyewitnesses. According to their information, Russian troops have repeatedly shot unarmed people in their homes or on the street, the organization said on Thursday.

In one case, a woman was raped multiple times after her husband was killed. “Bucha’s shocking images are obviously just the tip of the iceberg of cruelty and brutality,” said Janine Uhlmannsiek, Amnesty International’s German researcher for Europe and Central Asia. “All the evidence suggests we are dealing with war crimes.”

According to reports, an Amnesty team has spoken to more than 20 people from places near Kiev who had witnessed Russian violence or had direct knowledge of the violence in recent weeks. All cases have been “checked” and the statements have been confirmed by other sources, said an Amnesty spokesperson for the German news agency.

In one case, a 46-year-old woman from Bohdanivka, northeast of Kiev, reported that Russian soldiers had entered her home and forced her and her husband into the boiler room. Then they asked her husband for cigarettes. When she said no, they shot him first in the right arm and then in her head. The woman said her husband continued to breathe for six hours before finally dying in the night. According to Amnesty International, a neighbor saw Russian soldiers enter her home. The neighbor also claimed to have seen the man’s collapsed body in the boiler room. The 46-year-old woman fled the same day with her 10-year-old daughter. The 81-year-old mother-in-law is left behind.

Mayor: Most of the civilians were shot

According to local authorities, evidence of Russian war crimes continued to increase in Bucha. About 90 percent of the civilians killed had gunshot wounds, Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk told DW. As of Wednesday evening, 320 bodies had been found in Butscha. They would be examined by specialists. “But the number of bodies discovered is increasing every day,” Fedoruk said. “Because they are found on private property, in parks and in places where it was possible to bury the bodies when there was no bombing.”

He himself has seen several cases in which Russian soldiers killed Ukrainian civilians, Fedoruk said. At a roadblock, the Russians opened fire on several cars. A pregnant woman and two children were killed in a car. Now the Ukrainian and international authorities were working in Bucha. “The most important thing is to bring the criminals who have done this to justice,” Fedoruk said. Much of the information has not yet been independently verified.

The devastation in the city about twelve kilometers northwest of the Kiev suburb is enormous. “112 private houses have been razed and cannot be rebuilt,” Fedoruk said. (Dpa)

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