No more Jack Sparrow: Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Future of the Caribbean

Some of you, perhaps quite a few, will have noticed that the negotiations in the US have been going on for several days Johnny Depp And Amber felt. Depp is suing his ex-wife for libel and is demanding $ 50 million from her. Heard has started a counter-suit and is asking him for 100 million.

What is so interesting about this process and the reason it is currently enjoying such immense attention is the fact that it is conducted in public. This means that it will also be filmed and can be followed live on the Internet, from start to finish. So far, several witnesses have been questioned who are of no interest to us here.

However, Johnny Depp himself has already testified for several days. If you want to take a look at all of this for yourself, because we won’t go into most of what was said there, follow the link in the source to the YouTube channel of Law and crime networkwhere you can see everything

Among other things, Depp was asked about his career, his beginnings as an actor and finally his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean– Franchising. Because this is one of the main reasons for his complaint. Depp claims it was because of an article by Heard accusing him of several crimes Disney she separated from him and lost the role for the planned sixth part of the series.

Among other things, her children were responsible for taking over the role at the time. She explained how she later developed and designed the role. She built the continuous swaying and rocking of the character, because for him Captain Jack Sparrow has spent his entire life on the sea, and the sea is in constant motion as well. He can’t sit still. It was already known that he had based the character on Keith Richards, among others. According to Depp’s statement, you were there Disney at the time he wasn’t exactly thrilled with how he envisioned the character.

Depp also criticized his current management. Disney threw him out, but you still make a lot of money with his character, because they did not part with her. The marketing merchandise relating to Captain Jack Sparrow will continue to be sold and the character will still appear on the rides of the Disney-Parks are located etc.

When asked if he would play the character again if Disney he would offer him $ 300 million for it, for example, Depp replied with a clear no. He originally wanted to shoot a lot more parts to give the character a worthy ending, but apparently he’s finally done.

There were also some problems during the works Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge mentioned, the latter part of the series so far. Depp talked about an incredibly bad script, which made him very frustrated while working on it. He made some changes himself, after all, no one knows the character better than him Pirates of the Caribbean 6 he should work as an author on the script.

Nothing will come of this. And that wasn’t the only role Depp lost due to the allegations about dating someone Fantastic Beasts 3 – Dumbledore’s Secrets able to see. It will be interesting to see if this deal has an impact on Amber Heard’s career.

As of this writing, there are two people blaming each other. In case of Warner Bros. but only one of them separated. For a long time, many fans have been shocked that Johnny Depp is with the Fantastic beasts was expelled, Amber Heard reprized her role in Aquaman and the lost kingdom but it was allowed to keep.

A petition was recently launched to ask for them to be withdrawn from the Aquaman-Remove sequels. At this point already coming 2.8 million signatures together. It will be interesting to see if these negotiations actually have an impact. If Johnny Depp is really right, it will be for Warner Bros. in any case it is difficult to keep holding on to Heard.

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