Theresia Fischer in an interview: Leg lengthening due to school bullying

Theresia Fischer was not enough for her natural height of 1.70 meters. The former GNTM candidate had her legs stretched in two operations. A decision that is mainly linked to her experiences of bullying at school, as she tells GALA.

Theresia Fischer, 30, has been a guarantee of a good mood since taking part in “Germany’s Next Top Model” in 2019. So it’s no wonder that the lively model has now also been chosen for the new reality TV format. “Club of Good Moods”. But if you take a closer look at Theresia as a person, it becomes clear: the 30-year-old isn’t always in a good mood everywhere, quite the opposite. Theresia has been suffering from depression for years, she was bullied when she was young and she has long been trying to cope. Despite minor marital crises, her husband Thomas Behrend, 58, is also a supporter, who married 48-year-old Heidi Klum as a wedding speaker in the GNTM live finale.

More recently, Theresia made headlines, especially with her leg operations. In two complex operations she had her legs stretched out and admits, although many cannot understand it: “Yes, the surgeries have a lot to do with my past.” In an interview with GALA, she Theresia explains in more detail why increasing her height also helped her grow mentally.

Theresia Fischer meets like-minded people in the “Club of Good Moods”.

Dear Theresia, let’s be honest, is there always a good mood in the “Club of Good Moods”?

Let me say this, many attendees do their best to live up to the show’s title, myself included (laughs). But there are also some grunts in the middle.

Theresia Fischer attends

Theresia Fischer participates in the “Club of Good Moods”

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At what moments in life do you lose your good mood yourself?

When it gets very emotionally exhausting for me … We also tell each other “in the club” life stories that aren’t that good. There I met like-minded people, people who, like me, have not always been accepted for who they are. To people who, like me, suffer from intermittent depression. I’m glad there were people on the show who kept pulling me out of this hole of sadness. That welds together.

You already mentioned on Instagram that you suffer from depression. How are you doing today and what exactly are you doing about depression?

I never would have admitted this before, but I’m a master of distraction. When I feel bad, I go out a lot and meet up with friends. It’s okay for me right now, but sometimes I offend people, especially in my private life. Because then I run away from the bad mood and look for homework, some people just can’t figure it out. But I also get help, which makes me feel so much better.

Offspring plans with husband Thomas Behrend

To what extent is your husband Thomas supportive of you?

At first, of course, Thomas had to realize and understand the whole thing. But then he figured it out relatively quickly. Then he tries to get me out of depressive moments and usually he succeeds.

Theresia Fischer with her husband Thomas Behrendt

Theresia Fischer with her husband Thomas Behrendt

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You’ve been having a little marital crisis lately. How are you today?

Thomas and I talked about it a lot. Sometimes it’s not that easy because we both lead lives where we travel a lot. But I think we’re doing well now and we’re both giving each other space. Marriage is work, every day. You are always faced with new challenges. At the moment I’m happy that we only have to take care of the two of us and not a baby together. I think it is important to work on our marital problems before thinking about having children.

Does that mean you want to have children?

Yes, yes … Well, a baby (laughs). When I met Thomas then, when I was 23, I immediately told him that I wanted to have a child by the age of 30. Well now I’m 30 … (smiles). But it’s really not good right now. I still don’t want to give up my other wishes. Many people project all their happiness onto a child, but I can’t and don’t want to do it right now. Thomas is completely behind me and doesn’t put me under pressure. And this despite the fact that he is almost thirty years older than me.

Leg stretch for greater self-confidence

But visually you have also contributed to the fact that you feel better mentally. You had a second leg extension. How are you currently?

It is a daily struggle. I am very happy to have taken this last step and to be able to close the topic with it. I was 1.70 meters before, at the end I’m between 1.83 and 1.84 meters. At the moment, however, it is still a heavy burden. Out of the way still with crutches, indoors I can do without them. But I’m still in the middle of the stretching process, not the healing. This is always misunderstood by many.

Can you explain in more detail how exactly this works?

The doctor only logs in, but I have to extend it myself, which means the doctor broke his legs about a quarter below the knee and used the spin rods there. This space, which is held by the nails, is broken almost every day, because the bone grows back minimally every day. I take strong painkillers every morning, warm up and stretch my legs a little, eat a banana, and then it’s time for the actual stretch act. 0.5mm every day. This is very painful. I rest the lower leg above the thigh and rotate the foot. There is a little clicking noise when turning outward and it sounds very loud when turning inward. My physical therapist really wanted to hear it. he is fed up with it …

This is so painful. It looks like your leg is rotated 360 degrees. There are people who allow themselves to be put under anesthesia during the stretching process because they cannot bear the enormous pain.

You justified leg extensions with bullying at school. This causes criticism from some users. Quite a provocative question: wouldn’t it have been better and more exemplary to have therapy instead of dealing with the injury of the time?

I have been in therapy for half of my life. Leg stretch is my approach to healing. Of course, I also accompanied this therapeutically. It is always easy to judge from the outside. I’m not hurting anyone else with this. I heal myself I was with a child and adolescent psychologist aged 13 to 18 at the time. He helped me at the moment, but unfortunately not in the long term. In the years that followed, I continued to have memories of the period of bullying, so much so that I fell into a severe depression. I couldn’t get along with my life for a while.

My doctor told me that it is psychologically accepted that women with small breasts can be treated with breast surgery. However, this is still not the case with leg stretches as there are still too few studies on this. For my part, I can say that I have done everything right. The first operation gave me strength and self-confidence. I was at a class reunion in 2019. At that time, GNTM season was underway on TV. I was in a whole new dimension – in the truest sense of the word – facing the people who hurt me so much in that moment. It was an incredible salvation.

Are there any other surgeries you are planning?

No I will be happy when the second healing phase is over. So there is a layer in the tree. I will no longer have any other voluntary surgery on me. I am happy as I am now.

“Club der Gute Mood” starts May 4, 2022 at 8:15 pm on Saturday 1.


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