Alice Schwarzer defends the open letter to Scholz

D.Feminist Alice Schwarzer has rejected criticism of the open letter in which she and other celebrities warn of a third world war following armed aid to Ukraine. If Germany delivers offensive weapons to Ukraine, “we must ask ourselves if we are not escalating the drama,” Schwarzer told Deutschlandfunk on Monday. The danger of ending up in a third world war is real. “We have reached a point (…) where Germany – and all of Western Europe – is in danger of becoming a war party”.

“We wonder how irresistible the further destruction of Ukraine and the thousands of deaths are,” Schwarzer said. He also referred to gun delivery surveys, which showed that about half of the Germans were against the delivery of more weapons. You have to discuss it.

“We are sitting here on the balcony and watching the battlefield”

The 28 “very different” signatories of the open letter are counting on more intense negotiations to end the war in Ukraine – with a non-military solution, Schwarzer said. It’s about keeping the high price low for Ukrainians. “We sit here on the balcony and look at the battlefield. We don’t die.”

The feminist had already warned on Sunday in the photo talk show “The Right Questions”: “For the first time in my life I am seriously convinced of the danger of a new world war”. Helping Ukrainians to defend themselves is the right thing to do, but to go It is “the very difficult line to draw between support for defense and the supply of weapons that Putin can interpret as offensive weapons”.

In a letter published Friday, Schwarzer and other celebrities such as writer Martin Walser asked Chancellor Olaf Scholz not to hand over heavy weapons to Ukraine, directly or indirectly, in order not to give Russian President Vladimir Putin any reason to expand the war. to include NATO states to be given. Rather, Scholz should do everything possible “to ensure that a ceasefire can be achieved as quickly as possible; to a compromise that both parties can accept “. As of Monday morning, the letter had been digitally signed by around 140,000 people.

If the Russian leadership describes the danger of a nuclear weapons conflict as very real, “then we just have to take it seriously and evaluate it very carefully,” Schwarzer said on the talk show. At the same time, Ukraine’s “admirable” military achievements in defense against Putin’s troops should not be overestimated: “Such selective victories are one thing. Bringing the world’s second nuclear power to its knees is another thing. “

The letter continues to encounter misunderstandings

After the letter was published, widespread criticism quickly emerged. Green party leader Britta Haßelmann said in an interview with “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”: “Where should there be ‘compromise’ when Putin attacks a free European country in violation of international law, cities are razed to soil, civilians are murdered and rape is a systematic weapon used against women? “

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