Bad Säckingen: Schools in exam mode: 460 students graduate in Bad Säckingen

A tense silence in the corridors and concentration behind the closed doors of the classroom mean: it’s time for exams in the countryside again. The exam mode is also active in the schools of Bad Säckingen.

“This applies now and will continue for the next few weeks,” says Erika Breiling, director of the Rudolf Eberle School. In these weeks, about 460 students will graduate from schools in the city of the trumpeter, plus another 100 candidates in the vocational school.

For this year’s graduates, this marks the end of a school day that has been particularly marked by the pandemic of recent years. Learning and teaching took place from home, school trips and field trips could hardly take place and meanwhile the real look of the teachers behind their masks was almost forgotten.

Now, in the last stage, the virus plays only a marginal role. “There are no more specifications for taking the exams,” explains Ricada Hellmann, director of secondary school Werner Kirchhofer. Our overview shows what applies, where and how local schools organize themselves during the exam period.

1. which Are school qualifications checked?

Most of those examined attend classical secondary schools. To the Hans Thoma Community School 61 students complete the Baccalaureate Real or Hauptschule.

In the immediate vicinity, 102 students are aspiring to graduate from high school Werner Kirchhofer Realschule A. There are also 15 other Hauptschule candidates there.

To the Scheffel high school there are 93 high school graduates in the current school year.

A whole range of degrees is offered at the Rudolf Eberle school checked. “We have around 40 high school exams and 95 technical college exams at the vocational college,” says director Erika Breiling. In addition, around 100 vocational school students take exams here, another 60 students complete their secondary school qualifications or are tested in school-type (AV) job preparation.

2. When are the exam dates?

Lyceum: The written high school exams began on 25 April. They will take place until 10 May. The oral tests are scheduled from June 27 to July 8.

Realschule, Werkschule and Hauptschule: The examination period at the Realschule, the Werkrealschule and the Hauptschule starts on May 17th and lasts until May 31st. May 24 is already the last day of written exams in upper secondary schools. The oral tests will take place from 4th to 12th July.

professional school: The exams at the vocational school and vocational schools begin on 10 May.

Exam times: The exam times set by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Education apply to all schools in the state, including local Upper Rhine schools.

3. Which one role plays the Pandemic?

As in most industries, binding rules like wearing masks and mandatory tests no longer apply in schools. For the exam period, however, most schools continue to play it safe, even if they do not impose anything mandatory on students.

“We recommend voluntary compliance with the rules of hygiene and distance,” says Christinerutschmann, head of the Hans Thoma Community School. There are also these recommendations at the Realschule and the Rudolf-Eberle-School. Things are different at the Scheffel-Gymnasium, as Principal Bernd Rieckmann explains: “We have not made any recommendations, we rely on personal responsibility.”

4. How is it celebrated?

The corona pandemic has not only had a huge impact on everyday school life, but also on what’s more fun: partying. Although schools have tried to achieve as much normality as possible – themed weeks and celebrations were held in small groups – much has been undone.

Also this year there are positive signs that candidates will once again be able to celebrate their graduation with friends and relatives. “According to the current regulations, we will plan a normal graduation ceremony”, announces Christinerutschmann. Currently on the calendar are the grand graduation ceremony of the middle school and the prom of the Scheffel-Gymnasium in the Kursaal.

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