By bus back and forth through the federal state of Bad Kissingen and through the Rhn

Seven leisure bus lines in the districts of Bad Kissingen and Rhn-Grabfeld started the new season on 1 May. Until 31 October, locals and vacationers can reach the most beautiful places in the Bavarian Rhine seaside region and the Unesco Bavarian Rhine Biosphere Reserve in a comfortable and environmentally friendly way. According to a joint press release from the districts of Bad Kissingen and Rhn-Grabfeld, the leisure bus lines make around 100 stops at passenger-friendly intervals on weekends and public holidays.

At the start of this year’s leisure bus season, the Bderlandbus, Hochrhnbus, Sinntalbus, Streutalbus, Saaletalbus and Kreuzbergbus buses as well as the Kreuzberg shuttle will be used – due to the refurbishment of Lake Ellertshus, the lake shuttle will not be more on the road this season. Numerous tourist attractions such as the Hochrhn in the north, the Sinntal in the west, the Saale valley in the south and the Grabfeld in the east are all within easy reach.

For each leisure bus line there is not only a flyer with travel information and the structure of the offers, but also a website. All seven bus lines are now featured here on a joint website. Passengers can find timetables, fares and lots of advice on destinations and places of interest along the way here. Flyers are available on buses, transportation companies, spa administrations, and district offices.

Film out, this is also the motto of the new video image for leisure bus lines, which should make you want to get on in about 90 seconds. From the Kreuzberg monastery to the district of Bad Kissingen with the eponymous spa town, the Bad Brckenau state spa and other places, the clip takes viewers on a bus journey through their homeland. The video of the image can be found on the new website.

The common honeycomb fare of the Verkehrsgemeinschaft Rhn-Grabfeld (VRG) and Bad Kissingen mobil (Kim) applies to all leisure bus lines, so that you can switch between a leisure bus in the whole district. Tickets can be purchased directly on the bus for certain lines or as a day ticket for the entire network. According to the press release from the two district offices, there are good connections between leisure bus lines, other regular bus lines and even regional rail transport.

The range of leisure buses in the region in its inter-district conception is still considered exemplary in Germany. The idea of ​​an additional weekend offer in scheduled bus services with the Hochrhnbus started in 1998. Since then, the leisure services fleet has grown and improved continuously. This year, for example, the Kreuzberg bus will no longer be served by a minibus, but by a barrier-free vehicle, just to name one of the many measures to improve the quality of leisure bus routes.

Leisure bus lines in the districts of Bad Kissingen and Rhn-Grabfeld

Leisure bus lines cover the Bavarian Rhine seaside region and the Rhine Nature Park:

 The Bderlandbus connects the five baths in the Rhn Bavarian bathing region and thus the districts of Bad Kissingen and Rhn-Grabfeld.

 The Hochrhnbus runs from Bad Neustadt to Bischofsheim, Fladungen and Gersfeld. In Bischofsheim, detours to Hochrhnstrasse and Kreuzberg are possible. It is also possible to take your bicycle with you.

 The Sinntalbus operates between Bad Brckenau and Kreuzberg.

 The Streutalbus operates the route between Fladungen, Mellrichstadt and Bad Neustadt and makes a stop, among other things, at the Franconian Open Air Museum in Fladungen.

 The Saale valley bus commutes between Bad Kissingen and Hammelburg.

 The Kreuzberg bus runs from Kreuzberg via Bischofsheim, Sandberg and Oberelsbach to the Rhn Park Hotel Aktiv Resort.

 The Kreuzberg shuttle starts in Diebach near Hammelburg and runs via Oberthulba to Bad Kissingen and from there via Bad Bocklet, Burkardroth and the Guckaspass car park to the Franconian Sacred Mountain.

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