Current Corona rules in Bavaria from May: compulsory masks, schools, kindergartens, PNV, shopping

  • Crown rules in Bavaria from May 2022: Widely revoked measures – this applies now to school, kindergarten, supermarket, bus and train
  • 2G, 3G & Co. are no longer available
  • exceptions in clinics, retirement and nursing homes
  • Mask requirement raised in many areas
  • People infected with Corona must do this just another five days in solitary confinement

Loose rules in Bavaria from 1 May 2022: In Bavaria, most of the restrictions on the crown have expired. We will tell you in which areas you still have to wear the mask and where only the state government does recommendations puts.

Current Crown Rules in Bavaria: These conditions still apply in Bavaria

Most of the previous crown rules no longer apply in Bavaria. There have been none in Bavaria since 3 April 2022 2G– or 3G-Access even more to the rules not vaccinated have with it without test access again to all areas of public life. Only in clinics, rest and rest homes visitors and employees must undergo daily or regular tests. And at the beginning of May a further easing took effect: In schools and kindergartens the obligation to prove does not apply. In many areas, apply only immediately recommendationsno regulation.

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One FFP2 mask requirement still holds true in public local transportin medical practices, hospitals, nursing homes, refugee shelters and similar “vulnerable structures”. Everywhere, the mask requirement has passed since the beginning of April 2022, for example in Retail, in recreational facilities of all kinds, but also in all schools: it is no longer necessary to wear masks in the classroom. The state government advises however, in the continue wearing the masks indoorsfor example in the retail trade, in recreational facilities, but also in schools.

From Wednesday (April 13) there is also one change in isolation in effect: people infected with Corona in Bavaria are to remain in solitary confinement for only five days, but these five days are mandatory, not voluntary. This regulation continues to apply.

May 2022: the current Corona rules at a glance

  • Facilities for the care of vulnerable people: Doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and the company’s FFP2 masks are still mandatory here. Entry only with negative test. The obligation to test remains unaffected.
  • Schools and nurseries: There is no requirement for proof. Unrestricted visit possible.
  • PM: The FFP2 mask requirement continues to apply on buses and trains.
  • Shopping: Access to the supermarket possible without restrictions, without having to wear a mask.
  • Recommendation: Continue to wear a mask indoors.
  • Recommendation: Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people.
  • Recommendation: Respect hygiene rules: wash and disinfect your hands, air the rooms regularly.
  • Recommendation: Vaccinate. This is especially true for vulnerable groups of people. Think about updating.

Relaxation in April: Health Minister Holetschek: “We can no longer order it legally”

Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) called on citizens to show reason and personal responsibility. Measures such as wearing a mask indoors or otherwise Creation of hygiene concepts they are just “We can no longer order this legally” advice. The federal states “unfortunately would have to pay for the bad law of the Berlin traffic light government.”

The expiration of the strict Corona rules corresponds to the specifications of the new one Federal Infection Protection Actthat the traffic light parties SPD, Verdi and FDP had promoted in Berlin against much resistance.

After the transition period expires on April 2, federal states can only adopt stricter rules under certain conditions, namely if a more dangerous variant of the virus appears in a “regional authority” or if there is a risk that it will hospital capacities are overloaded. The state government denied this and refrained from declaring the whole of Bavaria or even individual regions as hotspots.

Bavarian clinics ask people to voluntarily wear face masks

With the “Protect yourself and the health system in Bavaria” campaign, numerous Free State clinics are asking citizens to voluntarily wear masks, be vaccinated and join the hygiene rules hold. Roland Engehausen, chief executive of the Bavarian Hospital Society (BKG), said clinics were concerned about the risks associated with the abolition of most of the crown rules. “There remains only a tight” basic protection “. But the laws will not end a pandemic!”

Holetschek supports the BKG campaign in its own words. Healthcare workers have been doing “superhuman” work over the past two years, the minister said. “Even if we all want normality: it is still too early for that. We are still stuck in the corona pandemic.”

The Bavarian retail trade is also considering the loss of most of them Protective measures against the crown skeptical. About every ninth retailer in the Free State wants to comply with the mask requirement in their stores. This was stated by 11.7% in a poll by the Bavarian Retail Association (HBE) which ended on Saturday. 77.4 percent, on the other hand, do not want it domicile rights require masks. There are around 58,000 dealers throughout Bavaria.

Retail: Most Bavarian shops don’t require masks

Most retailers do without it Mask requirement, but many did so “with a rumbling stomach and a fist in their pocket,” said HBE CEO Bernd Ohlmann of the German news agency. Because overall, the majority of the 979 participating retailers are critical of the abolition of the state mask requirement. According to the survey, 50.4% think they are wrong, 39.2% think they are right.

Ohlmann explained that the percentage of retailers adhering to the right of domicile obligation is much lower than that of critics of the abolition, saying many retailers are worried about losing customers otherwise. Be it the competition without a mask, be it Business online. At the same time, retailers also see the danger that customers who feel uncomfortable without the mask obligation will be lost.

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