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ROTTWEIL-HAUSEN – With Dr. Timm Kern, Rottweiler Member of Parliament Daniel Karrais was accompanied by the education expert from the FDP parliamentary group on his visit to the Maximilian Kolbe school in Hausen. Director Ute Brenner introduced the two deputies to the educational facility, currently attended by 760 students.

The reason for the visit was the request for support for the financing of the private school through the financing of the state school. Funding for private schools is always a matter of contention between the state government and private sponsors. “The bottom line,” says education politician Kern, “free schools offer other teaching and care concepts that simply suit some children and young people better and are a good supplement to state schools.” That is why private schools are an important addition to “a diverse school system.” In the past, Kern knows, they have often been the driving force behind pedagogical developments, even in state schools. The former high school teacher explained that it is important to provide the best education for each child: “We need a differentiated educational offer, but not a school for everyone”.

Director Brenner and Foundation Board Member Vanessa Meßner have requested adequate funding for the full-day program. Free schools felt they were being treated unequally in this task. While getting more funding for day-to-day activities in state schools, free schools need to hold parents accountable. “The state is asking for offers throughout the day. However, since this requirement is not in the school law, we have no state funding, “explained Brenner. According to Brenner, the Kolbe School offers degrees for elementary, secondary and middle schools and is very popular. Class cohesion is a routine structured daily for students are important.

The director also considered worrying the “incredibly high number of absences” caused by the quarantine due to her own or family members’ infections. According to Brenner, these gaps can hardly be filled. “The teachers do their best to make sure no one is left behind. You also have to be creative to keep classes attractive with sometimes limited possibilities, ”the director said.

Day care manager Markus Mauch introduced visitors to the “Day Kindergarten in Nature” project: Primary school care groups are now equipped with a “nature profile” that offers plenty of time for outdoor activities . The nature reserve should offer a place for outdoor play and research. For this purpose, natural huts must be built, from which learning and experience can be transferred directly to the school lawn, animals or wood. “In this way, pupils’ awareness of sustainability and climate protection can be shaped and sensitized to natural issues,” explains Mauch. Here, too, funding is a challenge: according to the day manager, some funding is being considered and promised in the thicket of the “all-day funding jungle”, but not clearly defined. Here the two politicians of the FDP have promised to inform themselves and to support the school.

As for the state curricula, which also free schools must adhere to, principal Brenner complained that the practical part in the subjects of technology and AES (work, nutrition, social affairs) is now very theoretical for secondary school and the part practice was severely pruned. “There is too much talk of handling tools or the like, but not enough practical work with them,” says Brenner. Learning success is particularly good in the Werkrealschule area if the practical part is correspondingly high.

“Precisely for this reason, we Free Democrats have proposed to transform the Hauptschule and the Werkrealschulen into professional Realschulen,” said Kern, an education politician at FDP. This would give a particular focus on the introduction and preparation for vocational training and could thus develop a clear profile from the start.

Ute Brenner also addressed the shortage of teachers, particularly in elementary schools. In private schools, this is reinforced by the fact that teachers who would like to move to a private school are currently not always discharged from the state school administrations. However, the Maximilian Kolbe School team was confident and convinced of their school concept. “The number of registrations speaks for itself,” explained member of the foundation board, Meßner.

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