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Graphics on Corona in MV: This is the current situation in cities and districts

Rostock.In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, only basic crown protection measures will apply from Thursday (April 28), as in most other federal states from the beginning of April. These are the mask requirements in local public transport, hospitals and nursing homes if vulnerable groups are affected.

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All other restrictions no longer apply. These are, for example, the obligation to test in clubs and discos and the obligation to wear a mask in cinemas, theaters and museums. Unvaccinated vacationers are no longer required to present a test upon arrival. 3G (vaccinated, cured or tested) will apply in the future in nursing homes and hospitals. Previously, vaccinated and cured visitors had to undergo a daily quick test.

After the new infection protection law was passed by the Bundestag, the state government of Schwerin had declared all six districts and two cities to be independent crown hotspots. Stricter measures should therefore apply until 27 April. However, on 22 April the Greifswald Higher Administrative Court overturned the hotspot regulation with immediate effect.

As Health Minister Stefanie Drese (SPD) explained, this means that there is no longer any obligation to wear a mask when shopping in retail and wholesale stores or weekly markets. This now also applies to in-house catering. According to the OVG decision, the general requirement of distance in public space also no longer applies, Drese said.

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With a decision of 12 April, the 3G obligation was abolished in almost all areas as early as Holy Thursday (14 April).

Interactive crown maps for MV (Lagus numbers)

What is the current infection rate in the individual regions of MV? You can learn more about this in our current daily report (every day around 6pm) and as an overview in the following interactive maps:

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At the heart of the controversial new infection protection law is the removal of most restrictions, including private contacts. Instead, only basic protection applies, essentially a mask requirement in some areas such as local public transport, long-distance trains, and airplanes, as well as mandatory testing in facilities for vulnerable groups such as hospitals or nursing homes.

Current data on the situation of the crown in MV

MV’s most important crown numbers at a glance (as of May 2, 2022)

  • – 7-day incidence: 486.4 (-74)
  • – Incidence of hospitalization: 3.7 (-0.3)
  • – ITS use: 4.7% (-0.9)
  • – Once vaccinated: 75.2%
  • – Fully vaccinated: 74.2%
  • – Enhanced: 57.5%
  • – Twice Boosted: 4.2%
  • – New cases: 1375
  • – Currently infected: around 21 417 (-1736)
  • – In the hospital: 343 (-36)
  • – In an intensive care unit: 29 (-5)
  • – Died by or with Corona: 2163 (+5)

The so-called regulation of hotspots , which governs restrictions in the event of a large number of infections, can be applied individually by each federal state for certain regions. In such a case, restrictions may still be imposed whereby only vaccinated and cured (2G) or vaccinated, cured and tested (3G) have access to certain areas. The prerequisite is that a dangerous viral variant is in circulation or that there is a risk that clinical capacities will be overloaded due to a particularly large number of cases. Contact restrictions are excluded.

What currently applies in MV?

This model currently applies in the individual MT areas (from 2 May 2022):

  • – Cafes, bars, restaurants: without restrictions
  • – Clubs and Discos: without restrictions
  • – Hairdressers: without restrictions
  • – Gyms: without restrictions
  • – Cinemas / theaters / museums: without restrictions
  • – Libraries: without restrictions
  • – Swimming pools: without restrictions
  • – sports halls: without restrictions
  • – Major events / concerts / fairs: without restrictions
  • – Bus and train: only duty of mask
  • – Retail (e.g. shoes, fashion shops): no restrictions
  • – Daily needs (e.g. supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies, articles for animals): without restrictions
  • – Accommodation: without restrictions
  • – Private contacts: without restrictions
  • – Hospitals, nursing homes: 3G and mandatory masks
  • – Other medical facilities: only duty of mask


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