Verdi calls nurseries, social institutions and Amazon to strike

The Verdi union is calling for strikes in the next few days: several shipping centers of the American mail-order company Amazon, social services and crèches are affected.

of the Workers Day It just ended when the services union Ver.di calls for a strike: employees of social and educational services should again lay off their jobs nationwide. Strikes with social workers will begin on Monday.

Collective bargaining in the social sector: Verdi wants to increase the pressure with strikes

When collective bargaining for the social sector enters its third round on May 16 and 17 in Potsdam, local employers will be under pressure to act. 330,000 social and educational service workers are subject to collective bargaining. The last round on March 22 was updated to no avail. Negotiations had previously been suspended for two years due to the pandemic and resumed in February.

Warning strikes: how long, when and where is Verdi on strike?

There will be strikes for a total of three days, each day in a different area. The employees of the social service will start on Monday. Full-time kindergartens and schools will follow on Wednesday. A warning strike was announced on Thursday by the employees of the aid for the disabled.

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Ver.di is conducting the negotiations together with the association of civil servants dbb. On the other side of the negotiating table are the representatives of the Association of Municipal Employers’ Associations.

Verdi strike in Bavaria: Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Ingolstadt and Augsburg hit

Nine Bavarian cities will be affected by Wednesday’s daycare strikes: MonkNuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen, Regensburg, Augusta, Ingolstadt, Landshut and Forchheim. Parents should arrange for a replacement for childcare soon. In some cases, however, an emergency service has already been discussed with the municipalities.

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The union promises that the parents will be informed in time of all the details. The strike notice applies only to municipal nursery schools and after-schools. Institutions of churches, welfare organizations or private companies are not affected by the strikes. You have a different collective agreement.

Why the warning strikes? This is what Verdi is asking

Of course, employees want their work to be recognized more financially. But: Warning strikes are not only about higher wages, but also about better working conditions, for example more time for preparation and follow-up of childcare work. Furthermore, the shortage of skilled labor should finally be addressed.

Strikes in Germany: Amazon fires

Additionally, Verdi has employees of the US online retailer in several federal states Amazon on call for strike. Seven maritime centers are taking part in the strikes on Tuesday, Verdi said.

The strikes, some of which lasted several days, affect the two maritime centers of Bad Hersfeld and Koblenz, as well as the offices in Leipzig, Rheinberg, Graben and Werne.

For years, Verdi has been unsuccessfully asking Amazon employees to obtain a collective agreement and be paid at the retail and mail order rate. According to Verdi, Amazon employees are also asking for information on the data that the US giant has stored on them.

Amazon Strike: Will the packages be delivered?

Amazon has been rejecting requests for years and claims to be a good employer even without a collective agreement. Amazon offers “attractive jobs with good prospects,” the company said ahead of the upcoming strike.

While so many fulfillment centers have been affected by the strikes, Amazon does not anticipate any impact on package delivery.

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