Volunteers reach their limits in integration work

Berlin.The voluntary commitment of humanitarian organizations and individuals for Ukrainian refugees is still high, but is gradually reaching its limits. “It is becoming critical, there are the first signs of conflict in families who have taken refugees privately,” Oleksandra Bienert of the Alliance of Ukrainian Organizations in Berlin told the Germany (RND) editorial network.

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According to Bienert, it should not be forgotten that most people volunteer in addition to their daily work in assisting refugees. It is also stressful and requires a lot of energy. From the point of view of Allianz, which groups the activities of various humanitarian organizations, it is now important that the living space is made available. “It’s not good when people are moved from shelter to shelter,” Bienert said.

Problem of the urban-rural divide

In Ukraine, the difference between city and countryside is enormous and is compared by many to social decline. “The only thing that helps is education and publicity with positive examples,” said Praschl, whose association has brought more than 40 trucks with food, medicine and medical equipment to Ukraine since the war.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Olekasandra Bienert considers it very important that the professional qualifications of refugees are recognized more quickly. “Teachers and doctors are told they can volunteer, but they don’t get paid. This needs to change urgently, even if people initially receive only a small salary, which also has something to do with dignity, ”Bienert believes.

Is Moscow expanding its war on Transnistria?

There have been several attacks this week in the self-proclaimed pro-Russian republic of Transnistria. They could serve as a pretext for the occupation of Russia. Israel urged its citizens to leave the region separated from Moldova.

More professional contacts in offices and authorities are needed. “In most cases, we’re dealing with severely traumatized refugees, so it’s very bad when someone is greeted with the phrase ‘How was your trip’ – (” How was your trip? “) – Bienert said Qualified, sensitive staff with social skills and increased psychological support are needed.

Federal police currently assume that there are nearly 390,000 Ukrainian refugees in Germany. The number could also be higher because Ukrainians can enter the country without a visa and do not have to register immediately.

A certain “wave of return” has already been observed at the German-Ukrainian Forum. “Despite the continuing threat, there is a strong urge among people to return to their homes,” said Gerald Praschl. This is also a difference from the refugee movement in 2015/16.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

“From the point of view of the municipalities, further action is needed to speed up the registration and accommodation procedures,” said Gerd Landsberg, director general of the German Association of Cities and Municipalities, the RND. “Registration is the prerequisite for fair distribution in Germany, among other things, in order to make the most of the currently available living space,” says Landsberg. The refugee situation should be taken into account, as well as the availability of housing, jobs and places in schools and daycare centers.

Improvement of employment is required

Landsberg is also in favor of improving job hiring opportunities. “Especially in the case of professions with specific entry requirements, these need to be created for a quick career start,” she said. This must also apply to training courses that have already started.

To improve the housing situation, Landsberg called for a special housing construction program which should include both a financial component and planning simplifications. “In individual cases, the emergency program should also be used to upgrade existing buildings in order to remedy the situation quickly,” Landsberg said.

Helmut Dedy, director general of the German Association of Cities, told the RND that the conclusion of employment contracts with refugees should be much faster: “Vocational training, qualifications and professional experience must be highly recognized. less bureaucratic, “asked Dedy. “It would be a win for everyone and it helps with people’s integration.” For the accommodation of children in kindergartens and schools, cities “need staff support very quickly,” Dey said. “The need is also enormous in many other social professions, in care, in crafts and elsewhere”.

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