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The 9 euro ticket of the 2022 concessions package should be valid throughout the national territory from June. But it could also be available as early as May.

Berlin – As part of the 2022 aid package, the 9 euro bus and train ticket is intended to support citizens in Germany in the midst of the war in Ukraine and, ideally, encourage many to switch to local public transport. On Wednesday (April 27, 2022), the federal cabinet agreed on the 2022 aid package worth billions, which aims to end rapid cost growth in times of record inflation.

Pre-order the 9 euro ticket: where and when you can buy the monthly ticket in advance by 1 June

While the 9-euro ticket promises inexpensive local transport, unions still see unresolved problems, especially as the nine-euro monthly ticket won’t be valid until June, but may be available in some places as early as May. But where can you pre-order or buy the 9-euro ticket, and when does the presale of the 9-euro monthly ticket start before June 1st?

And is there still something in between after the decision of the politicians in Berlin and the criticisms of the 9 euro banknote of the federal Länder go unheard because of the funding?

9-euro ticket: the Federal Council of Ministers decides on numerous measures in the 2022 concession package

“I expect the overcrowded trains to be cleared and the stations closed due to congestion,” said the chairman of EVG Klaus Hommel on the sidelines of a board meeting of his union in Fulda on the 9-euro ticket of the package. aid 2022. The industry is not ready for the rush of customers ready for the summer months. According to Hommel, buses and trains are already working to the limit of their capacity on routes that are attractive to tourists without this offer. It is already clear that railway companies will need additional staff on trains and platforms for the coming summer months.

A tram passes an automatic ticket machine at a tram stop. The 9 euro ticket now brings many changes. (symbol photo) © Uwe Anspach / dpa

As the union warns, Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) sees the planned 9-euro bus and train ticket as an incentive for the permanent use of buses and trains. He helps save energy and adapts perfectly to the times. Countries could benefit by permanently attracting more users, he said on the sidelines of Wednesday’s cabinet meeting. “We can take advantage of all of this because we are bringing people closer to a climate-friendly, ecological and very modern means of transport.” As part of the 2022 aid package, a flat-rate energy price is also envisaged, which will benefit taxpayers.

From when and for how long is the 9 euro ticket of the 2022 discount package valid?

Now that the 9-euro ticket in the 2022 concession package has been approved by the Federal Cabinet, the draft has yet to pass to the Federal Council. It is not yet possible to estimate whether this will happen in silence. Furthermore, the railway companies could still oppose the project. The next few days will show how the discounted monthly ticket will finally be introduced. However, when the 9 euro ticket will be available it is almost certain: the period from 1 June to 31 August 2022 is scheduled.

How long the 9 euro ticket of the 2022 concession package will actually be valid was clear from the first draft: the government plan of Olaf Scholz (SPD) provides that the individual ticket must always be valid until the end of the month. If you want to use the whole period, you have to buy a total of three tickets for each price of 9 euros.

The aid package plans are currently still draft: the Bundestag and Bundesrat will not make a decision on the bill until May. In addition to the 9 euro ticket, the cabinet has also agreed on the energy package of 300 euro, a children’s bonus, a crown bonus for Hartz IV recipients and a discount on the tank for diesel and petrol.

9 euro ticket for bus and train: this applies to season ticket customers

While the 9 euro ticket is in principle available to all citizens in Germany, subscription customers of transport associations are currently wondering how they will benefit from the 2022 concession package measure. The good news: subscribers should also receive the 9 euro ticket bonus. Exactly how this needs to be done is still part of the planning. At the moment it is considered likely that subscribers will not have to do anything to enjoy the benefits of the € 9 package.

Two possible scenarios could be that subscription customers receive a credit or refund to make up the difference. It should also be noisy for semester tickets work week give a solution. 24reno quotes the Cologne transport company as follows: “If you have a subscription or business customer contract with us (eg business, main customer or semi-annual ticket), you don’t have to do anything. We are currently preparing our systems so that your subscription can be automatically billed at a lower price “.

Booking and pre-sale of the 9 euro ticket: where and from when can the 9 euro ticket of the 2022 discount package be purchased by 1 June?

It is now clear that the 9 euro ticket should be valid nationally, but only in local and regional transport. In the coming summer months, travelers will be able to comfortably use trams, S-Bahns or regional trains, among other things. However, long-distance traffic is excluded: the 9 euro ticket of the 2022 discount package is therefore not valid in ICE, IC or EC.

Where to buy the bus and train ticket is still part of the planning, but it should probably be possible to buy the 9 euro ticket in digital format. For this purpose, the DB Navigator of Deutsche Bahn or the apps of the regional transport associations are available. The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV), for example, has announced that the presale of the 9-euro ticket could start as early as May 20, 2022.

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Several cities such as Hamburg, Cologne and Munich are already providing information on the 9 euro ticket. Other cities have announced that the discounted bus and train ticket will be available through the respective applications of the local transport association. On the other hand, those who would prefer to have a 9 euro analogue ticket also have a corresponding option: it is expected that customer centers and automatic ticket machines offer the cheap ticket.

9 euro ticket already in May: this is how you get the advance monthly ticket of the 2022 discount package

Those who purchase tickets for local public transport in the coming weeks will eventually find the 9 euro ticket in the portfolio of the Transport Associations by 1 June. There is a simple reason for this: like the ADAC reported, the individual ticket machines will be converted to the 9 euro ticket in the last week of May. Railway companies may want to counter such a large number of customers on June 1st. On the other hand, technical difficulties could be anticipated in this way.

However, as the 9 euro tickets are valid on the 1st of each month, the tickets cannot be used in May. In the coming weeks it is foreseeable that politicians and railway companies will still have to deal with outstanding problems. “The traffic light coalition project wants to achieve good results, but the consequences have not been considered,” warned union leader Klaus Hommel and called for open communication. (With material from the dpa)

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