Crypto wallet and NFT: the Visa giant registers several brands and projects itself on the Web3

A matter of time – Long scorned by the traditional banking sphere, cryptocurrencies it can no longer be wiped out. Although a very large number of them bring no real added value, the most efficient protocols question our relationship with money and its transfer, culminating in: reduced transaction time. If it takes a few seconds on lightning-fast networkfor example, a SEPA transfer takes 1 to 2 days. Some technological contributions we owe to cryptocurrencies are in the process of being adopted by the traditional system.

A payment giant in the face of cryptocurrency change

The primary goal of Bitcoin it is disintermediate exchanges of value and make them possible, reliably and safely between two individuals possibly separated by thousands of kilometers, all of them without a bank or centralized service provider of payment. The hyper-volatility of cryptocurrencies is a valid argument for the dinosaurs who want at all costs to avoid taking inspiration from this young sector and expose themselves to it. However, the arguments against the transaction speed missing…

As sad as it may sound to anti-Bitcoin and others, not everything is to be thrown away in this burgeoning industry. It is the famous payment service provider Visa got it right. Almost every month this year we have had the right to learn about the company’s progress in our ecosystem.

From the Visa card cut for the Lightning network (second level of the Bitcoin protocol), al FTX Blue Cardthrough the establishment of a incubator for start up specializing in NFT, Visa is not idle.

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On October 22, the American company completed two forms of Deposit mark. One is related to cryptographic wallets. The other is more concentrated NFT and the Metaverseas reported by CoinDesk.

As for the wallet, Visa has filed a trademark for Software “managing digital transactions, using a digital currency wallet and archiving”.

The second form concerns one of the phenomena (at least in the media) of recent months: the metaverse. Visa would try to do that “provide virtual environments in which users can interact for recreational, leisure or entertainment purposes accessible in the virtual world”.

The global payments giant completes dozens of such documents every year and is likely to continue to explore the cryptocurrency industry to incorporate it into its service offering. Especially since according to a study conducted by the auditing firm Deloittenear 75% of US merchants plans to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment within two years.

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