NFT: A run on the $ 1 million Telegram username

Gold-priced nicknamesTelegram opened the auction oftokenized identifiers on blockchain TON. Some users put 6-digit amounts on the table to acquire a simple username. Encrypted messaging was heavily inspired by the fashion of ENS (Ethereum Name Service), one of the success stories of the last year.

Identifiers and NFT: Telegram gives the TON

4 letters they are sold there for more than1 million dollars. On October 26, Telegram announced the launch of its marketplace for sale rare identifiers which can be used as usernames for both individual accounts and channels.

This platform is built on the TON blockchain. Identifiers can be bought or sold there exclusively to Toncoin (TON).

The auction take place on the site Users can search for nicknames that interest them, sort them by price, add date or auction expiration date. In order to make an offer, they must log in with their Telegram account and link their TON wallet to Fragment.

The first IDs Telegram put up for auction are rare usernames 4 to 5 characterslike @chat, @adidas or @amazon.

Telegram sells usernames – Source:

The smallest bid for these identifiers is 525 TON, which is approximately $ 803. The highest, meanwhile, is 787,500 TON, or approximately $ 1,204,875, at the time of writing. Auctions on this list will expire between November 2nd and 4th.

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Tokenized usernames: from announcement to fulfillment

In the future, individual users will be able to auction their current username or resell nicknames they bought on other platforms.

Andrea Rogozovwho is one of the founding members of the TON Foundation, emphasizes the fact that for the first time this market offers social network users the opportunity to ” demonstrate transparently »Their right of ownership over their identifiers thanks to their tokenization on the TON blockchain .

Telegram thus concretizes the project of its founder, Pavel Durov. He had at first evoked in the month ofAugust this year on his channel. Durov then said that the success of the domain name auction, which the TON Foundation had organized at the time, had impressed him.

This Tokenized Username auction will also inspire some billionaire which he recently acquired Twitter and who should now devote yourself to hunting bots ?

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